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Date:2014 Dec 02
Comment id:1179716

If this was in a video game, I would so throw a grenade.

Date:2012 Apr 06
Comment id:462170

the joke is its a swatska flag (nazi flag)

Date:2011 Apr 11
Comment id:345083


Date:2010 Aug 23
Comment id:64823 the rear! Back up!!
Oh, screw it.

Date:2010 Jun 08
Comment id:42047

They need traffic lights :D

Date:2010 Apr 25
Comment id:27356

Damn nazi bastards always blockin mah roads.

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18173

theres literally no way for any car to ever get out of there, lol. its like the perfect storm of traffic jams

Date:2010 Mar 13
Comment id:12050

i believe that's you call a vicious circle LMFAO

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