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a midget going down the stairs animated

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Date:2012 Dec 07
Comment id:534353

FAKE and also GAY

Date:2012 Sep 08
Comment id:508133

She should get a slide

Date:2011 Apr 12
Comment id:346028

What the fuck is TLC? The Leprechaun Channel?

Date:2011 Feb 16
Comment id:261272

who the fuck would let someone like that get pregnant.....

Date:2010 Oct 18
Comment id:81755

She's pregnant, christ, don't you people watch TLC? :P

Date:2010 Oct 05
Comment id:76427

if you were already a midget why would you let yourself get that fat?

Date:2010 Jun 19
Comment id:47099

Kill the heretic, burn the mutant, purge the unclean.. For the Emperor!

How much is five plus five?

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