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family shield to protect yound shoppers

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Date:2015 Jun 16
Comment id:1341371

Yes but this could just be a joke by some employee 8284

Date:2013 Apr 03
Comment id:639698

Never mind all that shit, Elton John's BF is smoking hot while he looks like something from a Thornberry's cartoon.

Date:2012 Jun 12
Comment id:484904

shame its the worst photoshop ive ever seen.. the lettering isnt even straight or parallel with the grey board. This is a pathetic

Date:2012 Mar 03
Comment id:451004

lol fuck fags, this country still rocks, id say itl fall to pieces in a few hundred years

Date:2011 Jun 22
Comment id:373694

Yeah, our country is going to shit. People wonder why there's so much violence here.

Date:2011 May 25
Comment id:364910

Being gay is worse then weapons, only in America. Fucking unbelievable. No wonder your country is going down the drain...

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