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Date:2012 May 05
Comment id:474554

Stupid Propaganda from the left-wing Hippies. Noone needs you just compost yourself please.

Date:2012 Mar 01
Comment id:450245

We are people just being people.

Date:2010 May 14
Comment id:34211

The only thing about this whole 'Earth After People' concept is that we're most likely going to destroy every other living thing (aside from bacteria, fungus, maybe some bugs) before we ourselves go extinct. Things won't go back to how they were, at any rate.

Date:2010 May 08
Comment id:31673

Ohhhh god, this is sooooo dumb. Humans are the bad guys, lets completely forget the earth produces more CO2 than humans could ever make. Blah blahhhhhh

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