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americas energy sacrifices comic

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Date:2012 Jan 10
Comment id:437441

373637 I bet you ride a unicycle, have fun on that clown. Do me a favor and have your fat trailer wife shit out some more military fodder for me to go die for cheaper energy. Gas is going up again and I need 93 to weave around you circus freaks on the side of the road. Next time you go out, take the bus with all the other stupid, fat, American drones with a big mouth. Learn to fucking capitalize bitch!

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Date:2011 Jun 22
Comment id:373637

360251 I'm assuming you have a shitty American car (I'm American) which will break down in a matter of a few years.

Date:2011 May 13
Comment id:360251

Fuck that, I'll keep my 16 mpg muscle car if someone else has to pay the price... I'm cool with that.

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