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Date:2012 Feb 26
Comment id:448880

eBay is definitely do-able

Date:2011 Jul 01
Comment id:376568

rules one and two fags

Date:2011 Mar 22
Comment id:335099

yahoo? more like google

Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101510

91220: /b/ careful whom you insult, we may not own an ICBM but i am sure one of us can hack one

Date:2010 Nov 07
Comment id:91220

/b/ is a bunch of half wits who fantasize about having a gun or a intercontinental ballistics missile, just to feel important in their imagined world where they're worth their weight in shit

Date:2010 May 26
Comment id:37931

omg i will hit last fm

Date:2010 May 23
Comment id:37442

Or at least be a bit more naked.

Date:2010 Apr 10
Comment id:22028

shouldn't 4chan have a gun, or some sort of intercontinental ballistic missile? I don't think this accurately represents some of the awesome community on /b/

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