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Date:2012 Jul 15
Comment id:491741

It has nothing to do with race or sex. This person is an example of a self centred, free thinking newby; acutely aware of their rights, aggressively ignorant of their responsibilities and fatally,(thankfully)due for extinction because no one in their fucked up mind is good enough to, or will, breed with them.TFFT.

Date:2012 Apr 17
Comment id:468467

How stupid it is to insult an entire population because of one picture.
Should I imagine you are American to feel so much better ? keep it this way and never leave your country if you don't wanna be hated. Peace

Date:2011 Apr 29
Comment id:354536

At least we can all agree that the French suck.

Date:2011 Apr 23
Comment id:350906

of course he's retarded, he's french

Date:2011 Apr 21
Comment id:349469

actually, it's been proven that females drive better than males.

he's taking up two spaces, must be very confident about his dick size.

Date:2011 Apr 17
Comment id:347621

oh its gotta be a she... thats female parking in its entirety

Date:2011 Apr 17
Comment id:347585

double retarded

Date:2011 Mar 08
Comment id:327551

Well at least she/he is retard

How much is five plus five?

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