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the world is now your oyster advice from 4chan

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Date:2014 Mar 04
Comment id:825317

And just like the people from that thread on 4chan, you just got trolled.

Date:2012 Oct 18
Comment id:519449

You guys are all idiots.. people who want to kill themselves (aka depression) aren't thinking about making a revolution or traveling or doing anything... THEY HAVE DEPRESSION! No motivation to give a fuck about a single thing. They are irrational and don't think about getting better... all that goes through their head every day is 'I want to die... I want to die.. I cant do this... Its too hard... I want to die' 4chan you're quite the ignorant smart arse. Learn before you speak out.

Date:2012 Sep 19
Comment id:510944

Yes, he is, and it does. Now shut the fuck up.

Date:2012 Apr 04
Comment id:461465

No, he isn't right. Travelling the world doesn't magically solve all past problems.

Date:2011 Apr 24
Comment id:351569

he is 100% right there

Date:2011 Apr 24
Comment id:351494

He's actually making a good point tbh.

Date:2011 Mar 26
Comment id:337502

me too! :)

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