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Date:2011 Jul 22
Comment id:379844

Stupid Americans. This never happens in... well, it never happens anywhere else really. Aside from Scandinavia maybe... But not Japan, is all I'm sayin'

Date:2010 Oct 22
Comment id:83648

@46862 Your point? Same result just the other way around?

Date:2010 Sep 01
Comment id:66608

The teachers a fucking prick, i hope that he/she gets fucking fired

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61568

Alex is a badass :D

Date:2010 Jun 18
Comment id:46862

5729: (1km = .6213...miles)

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22301

ONLY IN AMERICA. let's be realistic, in what other country could evolution theory be banned from school? and don't even get me going on abstinence only programs

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:21197

Detention! Why? For being smarter then me!

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:16958

thats right! don't give in! beat the authority into the ground!! extreme?

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15185

what the fuck. teach the right fucking infomation we arent china we dont have to obay, we grow up questioning and understanding if your are fucking lieng to students than you should be fired ASAP

Date:2010 Feb 17
Comment id:6296

Adolf Hitler

(almost looks like it, right?)

Date:2010 Feb 12
Comment id:5729

A mile is about 1.6 kilometers...

Date:2010 Feb 08
Comment id:5339

What the fuck. Always question authority.

How much is five plus five?

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