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Louis CK on gay marriage

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Date:2012 Jun 10
Comment id:484352

so untrue

Date:2012 Feb 10
Comment id:445751

comment 443072 typical homophobic crap

Date:2012 Jan 31
Comment id:443072

Typical liberal crap.

Date:2011 Dec 09
Comment id:427946

It seems that the only people who can be truly honest in the public eye are comedians.

Date:2011 Sep 20
Comment id:400520


Date:2011 Sep 14
Comment id:398435

that's so right.

Date:2011 Sep 13
Comment id:397778

Louis CK should run for president, just so he can say stuff like this in a political context.

Date:2011 Jul 08
Comment id:377555

Love him.

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