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idea for a new James Bond movie

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Date:2014 Jan 31
Comment id:807455

Penis Penis Penis Penis

Date:2012 Sep 15
Comment id:509711

Ah, but 400352...

Put Wanted into the Bond universe. It makes sense, and would probably work extremely well.

Date:2012 Jan 04
Comment id:435518

this is nothing like wanted. rofl.

Date:2011 Sep 20
Comment id:400436

good idea

Date:2011 Sep 20
Comment id:400352

Actually, wait...sorry to double-post, but you pretty much just told us the plot to 'Wanted'. Seriously...That was that movie. The difference being that we didn't have the same emotional connection to the characters being assassinated. So, still I say, even stronger, NO.

Date:2011 Sep 20
Comment id:400349

I think no. Idiot. GTFO.

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