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but it hasnt been proven that there are more than 8 planets

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Date:2013 Mar 15
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475469 win

Date:2012 May 07
Comment id:475469

@ 444536
dude i agree with you, but spell check your rants next time. you make the rest of us look bad. i know this is the internet, and that the internet as a medium doesn't require amazing skills in articulation, but it requires that you try not to look like a retard

Date:2012 Feb 05
Comment id:444536

@4182271 If you seriously count that as your main argument, and mean that ALL those dots in the sky are planets, than dude, you suck.

But @425588 haven't you ever heard of Exoplanets? How unlikely is there that there wouldn't exist another solar system in the galaxy, never the less the whole universe? I guess you can't exactly see them with your naked eye (that might be what you mean't) But they can still be seen from earth, which really makes your argument invalid.

You both suck. And yes, there are more than 8 planets, and it is proven. And why had it to be proven? Of course there are more than our eight planets around. Wow.

Anyway, rant over. Go back to whatever you where doing.

Date:2011 Nov 27
Comment id:425588

@418271: I have. It's Stars. Beside some of the other planets in our own solar system, you can't see other planets.

Date:2011 Nov 03
Comment id:418271

Never noticed those tiny dots on sky after sunset...

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