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Date:2012 Jan 07
Comment id:436328

she doesn't look 39!!

Date:2011 Feb 08
Comment id:258086

@47987: I didn't get it at first either, but the joke is that you can't see her face worth shit hahahaha. could be anyone hahahahaha..

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64601

i love when dumb people correct each other. it's funnier then the actual picture

Date:2010 Jun 21
Comment id:47987

i dont get it?

Date:2010 Jun 21
Comment id:47930

hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaah 47696=win

Date:2010 Jun 20
Comment id:47696

Dumb ass people thinking someone else called an asterisk, an apostrophe when in reality they were talking about an apostrophe.

Date:2010 May 17
Comment id:35105


Date:2010 May 17
Comment id:35102

Dumb ass people calling an asterisk an apostrophe.

Date:2010 Apr 29
Comment id:28463

Dumb ass people putting apostrophes where they aren't needed.

Date:2010 Mar 10
Comment id:11708

Dumb a*s Croatian's.

How much is five plus five?

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