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Date:2012 Nov 19
Comment id:529295

And zero fucks was given that day

Date:2011 Oct 13
Comment id:410069


Date:2010 Aug 24
Comment id:65180

Of course I had to take a picture, have you ever seen pictures this close while it was still happening, and then I shat my pants

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51071

Bad ass of the year award. and then he just takes a picture of it.

Date:2010 Jun 18
Comment id:46661

That dude had balls of steel... And if he didn't move the way he did he would of lost them!

Date:2010 Jun 08
Comment id:42158

"standed"? Seriously? ...'stood' *facepalm*

Date:2010 May 11
Comment id:32684

that guy just standed like wtf do i have to move ? oh well a little motion dosnt hurt that much

Date:2010 Apr 29
Comment id:28487

That guy has fucking nerves of steel.

Date:2010 Apr 04
Comment id:19832


Date:2010 Jan 30
Comment id:3173

that guys badass

Date:2010 Jan 28
Comment id:2963


How much is five plus five?

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