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Date:2014 May 25
Comment id:881039

Hello I have 3 children to rietsegr and didn't see the registration form on this site. I also have a 14yr old daughter who would love to help out if you need extra help.Here's their info:Sarah Hines, age 8/3rd gradeRebekah Hines, age 6/1st gradeIsaac Hines, age 4/preschool*Rachel Hines, age 14/9th gradeNone of them have any medical issues/concerns, no allergies all are potty trained:)Thank-you,Keelin Hines 277-7487

Date:2012 Apr 18
Comment id:469052

The poster below is a zealous bigot.

Date:2011 Oct 13
Comment id:410138

I assume you still live with your mother? In the basement maybe eating fishsticks and fucking Nancy "Your affectionately named flesh light" while your mother changes your diaper and wipes your ass?

Date:2011 Mar 31
Comment id:339293

his mom's a bitch, gross what ? pussy, even a fake one, remains a healthy interest

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49736

God damn it. It was delivered to a neighbor who opened it, and then delivered it to the correct house. The mom of the house wrote a note on it and left it for her son, who ordered it. There was no re-sending. The son bought a pocket pussy, and now the whole neighborhood knows.

Date:2010 Jun 17
Comment id:46304

actually I think that it was delivered to the parents' neighbour, then they brought it to the parents' house, the mom opened it, got grossed out and sent it on to her son.

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45446

What the heck was the neighbor doing opening mail addressed to another? That is a federal offense.

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23282

Yup fyl

How much is five plus five?

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