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Date:2011 May 01
Comment id:355751

oh yaar yu kina pagal he jo mera commet par riha

Date:2011 Mar 17
Comment id:332603


Date:2011 Mar 15
Comment id:331439

awesome, super,
very claver, guys

Date:2011 Mar 10
Comment id:328325

gud super

Date:2011 Mar 09
Comment id:327926


Date:2011 Mar 09
Comment id:327743


Date:2011 Feb 19
Comment id:262406

you all damn shit people, this is an ordinary maneuvering on combination backhoe/loader, so what is the big deal about it!!

Date:2011 Feb 15
Comment id:260891

Check this video if you morons think its not real....

Date:2011 Feb 14
Comment id:260678

It is really real, I have seen this thing happening on my own eyes. every good crane operator can do this thing.

Date:2011 Feb 14
Comment id:260669

it is not true one, i think so.......

Date:2011 Feb 07
Comment id:257372

i want them all contact me as soon as possible on my

Date:2011 Jan 31
Comment id:254108

this is an just imaging .But

Date:2011 Jan 29
Comment id:253517

how damn those kinda trick!! seems like a robot huhh!!!

Date:2011 Jan 22
Comment id:238925

thats dumb fake dickheads

Date:2011 Jan 18
Comment id:206048

If he is going down, how come the marks in the dirt are gone in the first pic???

Date:2011 Jan 18
Comment id:202178


Date:2011 Jan 13
Comment id:159074


Date:2011 Jan 12
Comment id:147590

doods he is going down not upp....dickheads...can u see????

Date:2011 Jan 11
Comment id:143609

I've seen the video

Date:2011 Jan 08
Comment id:124799


Date:2011 Jan 07
Comment id:117005

dick heads

Date:2011 Jan 04
Comment id:115940

Dude, The tractor isn't going up, its actually going down.

Date:2011 Jan 04
Comment id:115703

wow what a driving amazing

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115634

makes the guy from NYC who got stuck and trash parked cars look even more stupid and unable to properly use his equipement

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115472

very best

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115382

waw very super

Date:2010 Dec 30
Comment id:114206


Date:2010 Dec 29
Comment id:113603


Date:2010 Dec 23
Comment id:111677

Waw..... Supper......

Date:2010 Dec 23
Comment id:111617

o shit did u see the hell can he do dat shit.Damn Nigga

Date:2010 Dec 20
Comment id:110438

Oh no!!!This is just crazy!!

Date:2010 Dec 18
Comment id:109667

only a cat can do dat

Date:2010 Dec 13
Comment id:107600

How does he get back down?

Date:2010 Nov 15
Comment id:94385


Date:2010 Nov 11
Comment id:92384

I kimb to just dissapear

Date:2010 Jul 20
Comment id:53753

Go-go-gadget robo-climb!

Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27833

transformers, robots in disguise.

Date:2010 Jan 26
Comment id:2678

oh shit nigga did u she dat shit

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