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Date:2014 Aug 30
Comment id:978305

This is why I did tennis as a teenager. Dozens of teenage girls from age 13 to 18 who suddenly, just for now, think it's okay to wear tiny skirts that constantly show their panties. Their parents think this is okay too, again, just for "today". I never missed one single Saturday in 6 years.

Every other sport is gay by comparison.

Date:2013 Oct 21
Comment id:753779

How on earth can this be possibly GAY ?????

Date:2012 Dec 05
Comment id:533675

FAKE and also GAY

Date:2010 Nov 10
Comment id:91925


Date:2010 Jun 07
Comment id:41795

i'd tap that

Date:2010 May 04
Comment id:30524

perky.... lol

How much is five plus five?

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