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Date:2012 Apr 01
Comment id:460199

the chain aint long enough

Date:2011 Jul 05
Comment id:377234

You haff been trolled, 60749

Date:2010 Aug 11
Comment id:60749

@60593 I call BS. Here's your walkthrough :P

#1: At intersection 1 (left/down/right) go right
#2: At intersection 2 (left/up/right) go right
#3: At intersection 3 (up/right/down) go up
#4: At intersection 4 (left/down/right) go right
#5: At intersection 5 (left/down/right) go left
#6: At intersection 6 (left/up/down) go up
#7: At intersection 7 (left/right/down) go right.

You're at the exit.

Date:2010 Aug 11
Comment id:60593

no way to unlock it...seriously, try to follow the maze. no worky.

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45602


Date:2010 Apr 09
Comment id:21665

I want it. NAO!!!

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18641

hahahahahaha thats 4 me

How much is five plus five?

right arrow key = next, left arrow key = previous, up arrow key = random