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Date:2016 Sep 06
Comment id:1342244

come on, guys - This is definitly the best Deadpool-Cosplay ever!!!

Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:881435

Home run! Great slgnigug with that answer!

Date:2011 Nov 18
Comment id:423317

Bjork Stalker, Google his suicide video.

Date:2011 Apr 28
Comment id:354275

....Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

Date:2011 Mar 21
Comment id:334505

@37226 Errr, what's a shirt gonna help him. Make him less fat?

Date:2011 Feb 22
Comment id:263912

Pull the trigger, end your misery...

Date:2010 Nov 06
Comment id:90773

OMG! I love Sailor Moon!

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87320

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!............ Your daughter loves those panties

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45593

And of course,there's the anime.

Date:2010 May 23
Comment id:37226

For Pete's sake put a shirt on.

Date:2010 May 11
Comment id:32636

suicide while wearing childrens underwear on your head. well hes a petophile so i say go ahead

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23813

wtf is with the underwear? ... i bet its used

Date:2010 Feb 22
Comment id:8870

Don't let your children out the house. does anyone notice the underwear?

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