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Date:2012 Feb 24
Comment id:448682

Joined child army...OF THE WINNING SIDE!

Date:2011 Sep 10
Comment id:397085

This picture makes me sad...

Date:2011 Jul 20
Comment id:379385

Meanwhile in Somalia

Date:2011 Mar 17
Comment id:332576

Comment id: 23168
Comment id: 17687

I hope they visit ur dumb ignorant asses and fuck u up

Date:2010 Apr 14
Comment id:23168

Insert Napalm here

Date:2010 Mar 29
Comment id:17687

A few good grenades would work great

Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16256

nice toy gun actualy

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13241

gary coleman?

Date:2010 Mar 12
Comment id:11981


How much is five plus five?

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