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Date:2011 Aug 06
Comment id:383447

40964. 3.14 x 13.17 is 41.98.... Pi x 13.17 = 42 and even then it's not exactly on the money. Go home.

Date:2011 May 02
Comment id:356552

1. Grab a calculator
2. Enter (1 X 42)
3. ???????????
4. Be a fucking retard.

Date:2010 Jun 05
Comment id:40964

1. Grab a calculator
2. Enter (3.14 X 13.37)
3. ?????????

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26615

42 is a result of a math-funktion which describes the answer to life, the universe and so on. read the book "42" by thomas lehr.
its not funny atall, i guess

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:16973

I don't know what is funny about this? Everybody know that answer is 42...

How much is five plus five?

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