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Date:2012 Apr 04
Comment id:461606

fucking niggers.

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87287

i wish they were all like this

Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:59879

I can has cheese burger now

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22337

and one time, she had sex for the sake of having sex.

Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17417

what a liar as if she would put out for less than a cheeseburger

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15569

This is that one episode that infuriated me.

The Hamburgler is stepping on Pedobear's territory god dammit.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13514


Date:2010 Feb 19
Comment id:6815

oh my god XD

Date:2009 Nov 13
Comment id:1196

fries for bj's?

How much is five plus five?

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