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Date:2012 May 09
Comment id:476204

mmmmmmmmm immature comments here,

Date:2012 Apr 25
Comment id:471056

What the actual fuck

Date:2011 Nov 22
Comment id:424766

What exactly in the hell is this?

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53291

this thing is creepy..on so many levels

Date:2010 Apr 09
Comment id:21740


Date:2010 Mar 08
Comment id:11432

mmmmmmm bacon

Date:2010 Feb 17
Comment id:6353 wrong........... but so right

Date:2010 Jan 29
Comment id:3035

its classic and art

Date:2010 Jan 27
Comment id:2786

okay, replaced with this one

Date:2010 Jan 27
Comment id:2783

yeah this needs to be removed

Date:2010 Jan 27
Comment id:2777


Date:2010 Jan 26
Comment id:2654

^^^^i agree

Date:2010 Jan 19
Comment id:2519

this is fucking sick ad should be removed!

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