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Date:2012 Oct 15
Comment id:518648

I love how you all comment as if the question was asked here...

Date:2011 Nov 07
Comment id:419705

Hentai ladyboys !! OHHH YEAHHH !!

Date:2011 Nov 07
Comment id:419450

I hope you don't get too many asphalt burns as you slide down the driveway...

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419363

Im with you dude... she is clearly out of line. You did the right thing by making her look like the ass you are. Do it again. Maybe sh'll be dumb enough to hire a lawyer and sue your sorry ass.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419342

You're a drama queen & an asshole, 31 and childish, She's right anyways, 31 and still living there & cleaning your room? Come on man, get a life!

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419282

this is a very true story.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419279

You're a major douchebag. I can't believe you would do that to your mother who houses you and takes care of your sorry loser ass when she should have kicked you out 13 years ago. Get the fuck out of her house!

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419276

Go smash your face against a brick wall.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419258

Make her a hair doll.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419228

You're 31, you fucking cunt. You should've been living in your own house already for the last thirteen years.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419201

If you are 31 and never had a job, how did u buy those hentai comics? Clearly you are a burglar who steals stuff from your own house.

Date:2011 Sep 28
Comment id:403685

Copy, paste gets the ¤TBM, for the trolls who want to get his ass.

Date:2011 Sep 28
Comment id:403682

Guess who's gay? ME! ¤TBM

Date:2011 Mar 13
Comment id:329990

haha I'd go 50/50 on it being real

Date:2011 Mar 02
Comment id:324182

Get a life.

Date:2010 Dec 17
Comment id:109505

31, still lives at home, has never had a job and I'm willing to bet money he's still a virgin = SUPER LOSER!!

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53879


Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50282

I just want to bring one thing into question. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SPEND "AROUND A THOUSAND DOLLOARS" ON HENTAI COMICS"? Just curious...

Date:2010 May 12
Comment id:32996

Successful troll was successful. Epic. ¤TBM

Date:2010 May 04
Comment id:30581

You fail on so many levels. GTFO!

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22400

yup, breakfast in bed is a great idea, but first you have to fuck her all night long.

Date:2010 Apr 04
Comment id:19820

y so srs, 17708 and 14336? i think breakfast in bed could make up for it.. not a bad idea at all...

Date:2010 Mar 29
Comment id:17708

Do us all a favor and kill yourself

Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:14336

if u r really 31, getting out of your mom's house is a good idea. Also, u r a jerk! y would any1 want to help u out of this!!

Date:2010 Feb 09
Comment id:5435


Date:2010 Feb 04
Comment id:4961

there must be a typo, he typed 31 instead of 13....


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