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Date:2014 Mar 18
Comment id:834011

Really large muscles make your package look small. That's why you never see one of these guys with any hot women, but you often see them standing next to other men wearing lube, tiny speedo's, and a look on their faces like they could use some prune juice and a bran muffin to prepare for the next event.

Date:2013 Sep 18
Comment id:739328

Eddie Murphy on the left

Date:2013 Feb 05
Comment id:606152

Seems legit.

Date:2012 Feb 04
Comment id:444446

Still fake, still gay

Date:2011 Dec 22
Comment id:431942


Date:2011 Sep 09
Comment id:397019


Date:2011 Jun 26
Comment id:375011

I took me three days to scroll down far enough to comment...

That is all.

Date:2010 Nov 25
Comment id:99473

im better than anyone below me

Date:2010 Nov 03
Comment id:89096

Its all digital fixed, if he was for real this would have been on the news and Book of World Records etc..Notice the guys hes competing with they pay no mind to him,trust me if he was that buff you would notice those other body builders looking at him on the corner of there eyes. "lets go Buff Nuts" lol, lol, lol.....

Date:2010 Nov 03
Comment id:88976

man thatx crazy his is 2 damn bigg itz steroids

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88862

what a pussy

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88814

the gut all the way at the top said please give me your parents email so i can notify your parents about all this cursing your doing.. who would do that lol

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88745


Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88733

this is so so so fake. Built like that, he couldn't even feed himself, much less wipe his own ass.

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88661

dat is just mere lies no one can grow to that extent .....

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88430

no commments this man live near my home and he dont have 15% of this power....totally photoshop... f...... off

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88244


Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88184


Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88181


Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88169

comment id 86978
I am ordering you to stop using such foul language.
If you continue, you will be banned from this site.
Please supply your parents email as i would like to notify them about your foul language

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88154

The guy on the right has definitely taken steroids

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:88127

i don't belive this shit. it fake poster.

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87620

Photo shop is great ................... And why would you see this for the first time on a page like this and not in any news .......LMFAO wankers that believe this

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87617

he probaly did that thing the sponge bob did anker arms rofl what a mucsle head

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87554

I like eggs, if eat a lot of eggs will a grow as big as this guy? wow....

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87530

He could be americas next super

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87467

Comment id: 86615

While I agree regarding some of your points, you should learn to spell and punctuate before you try to insult the intelligence of someone else.

Just saying. And, yes, it is Photoshopped. You are unbelievably astute.

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87161

major steroids ok

Date:2010 Oct 31
Comment id:87158


Date:2010 Oct 30
Comment id:87017

It's Down's Syndrome, you fucking jackass.

Date:2010 Oct 30
Comment id:86978

Comment id: 86615

"fucking Down's Syndrome. To the poster who wrote, "It's called synthol you idiots" - NO, it's called PHOTOSHOP you brain dead dipshit. I'm waiting to see a picture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on here with a bunch of retards saying "steroids!!" or "synthol!!" under it."

This is angry intellectual inferiority at its best...unless you British, which i seriously doubt...its down syndrome ...stay off the steroids, and get some help little man,your presently a waste of resources try to elevate yourself to the human status if your case it will be difficult...but try...down syndrome people could teach you a lot...have a nice day...regards woodrow barstad Montana

Date:2010 Oct 29
Comment id:86615

Everybody who actually thinks this is a real photo has fucking Down's Syndrome. To the poster who wrote, "It's called synthol you idiots" - NO, it's called PHOTOSHOP you brain dead dipshit. I'm waiting to see a picture of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man on here with a bunch of retards saying "steroids!!" or "synthol!!" under it.

Date:2010 Oct 29
Comment id:86405

The infirmity of a black hulk "fake" ha ha

Date:2010 Oct 29
Comment id:86390

r u gay?

Date:2010 Oct 29
Comment id:86213

haha wow almost everyone who posted a comment are freaking out about a picture lolololololololol

Date:2010 Oct 29
Comment id:86141


Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:86072

i'm gonna throw up

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85985

who ever said black people stink white people everybody stinks if you don't take a shower.................

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85967

i wonder why there are Jurassic Park posters behind :?)

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85961

Black people stink

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85760

for the guy on the right"the photoshopped guy" ,you need to get little more experience on the "healing tool" in photoshop cause the dirty work is very on his hips,the difference in color between his hands and arms,and middle his leg...........celebrate pharaos

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85739

The one on the right in red trunks looks like Eddie murphy.

Date:2010 Oct 27
Comment id:85613

fakest picture ive ever seen of someone, look at his left hand which is a diff color,he has a tiny head nd no neck, nd head is a completly diff color to his body. hes prolly a little bitch.

Date:2010 Oct 27
Comment id:85334

a fake picture. thats all i have to say...

Date:2010 Oct 27
Comment id:85040

u are all stupid as hell all of you above this comment, this dude is so fucking discusting but this is fake in the first place, wtf are u going to do when you get old m8 if you pump yourself up like that, it is unnatural and discusting!!!! i dont get those guys at all pumping and pumbing YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT CALLED LIFE BECAUSE OF STUPID ASS MUSCLES TRAIN THE MUSCLE THAT MATTER M8!!!!

Date:2010 Oct 26
Comment id:84983


Date:2010 Oct 26
Comment id:84947

it's not fake because the 1 next to him is my coach and this pic is in our gym but i dont know how he become like this ......

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84677

What's with the insane amount of comments on this one? Fake and not very interesting.

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84671

that is called Photoshop .
look at the lift hand and u well know

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84644

Nothing to question here... His name is Mr. Photoshop! FAKE

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84617

the one in the middle is biggest

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84611

i dont think he can scratch his butt

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84605

Absolutely Ugly - the guy on the right of the viewer. Disproportionate, sloppy and unfit for any human job.

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84596

Fuck the jurry :))

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84587

durty thing!i cant belive this is another lie of photoshop!try another one!

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84581

what the fuuuuuuccccckkk ....get some comment from his mother as well

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84578

what the fuccccccccck......take some comment from his mother

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84566

how can he make sex

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84560

o tuwadi pain nu lun wary yaddi deyo ena jism pairn di pudhy wicch para ny .......... gandoowoooooooo

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84551


Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84548

twadi pain nun lul dita pain chodo kiday baghairat o tusi

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84542

fucking FAKE!!!

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84527

durdur franchemant fo etr con

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84503

this is just fake..fuck that guy who post this

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84470

Building body is good but should be in limit....

Date:2010 Oct 25
Comment id:84467

who post this mother fuker... its a fake, fuking fake.....

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84407

a situation

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84377

one huge motherfucker

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84341

The problem is that he has small penis.

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84338

where is his head?

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84311

well spotted with the photoshop comment!

Date:2010 Oct 24
Comment id:84206

hahaha this pic and all these comments definitely cracked me up! XD
The pic served its lolz purpose greatly :D

Date:2010 Oct 22
Comment id:83447

Its a wastage of resources.Do somethings useful!What to do with this useless body?

Date:2010 Oct 21
Comment id:82907

whata f... is that?

Date:2010 Oct 20
Comment id:82589

ride on brother

Date:2010 Oct 20
Comment id:82568

its is not real its a plastic body .

Date:2010 Oct 17
Comment id:80819

ask him fuck a girl like me for a month two time in day and four time in night he will be got normal size like me with big pines

Date:2010 Oct 16
Comment id:80426

it,s fake beacuse his head have the same size like those two but his fist is twice biger then those two

Date:2010 Oct 15
Comment id:80249

That is fake, i said FAKE

Date:2010 Oct 15
Comment id:80105

please say if he is real as is.

Date:2010 Oct 14
Comment id:79727

i think he's penis is extremely big!

Date:2010 Oct 13
Comment id:79472

extreme fake.

Date:2010 Oct 12
Comment id:78968

He can't eat anything.
stupid body!

Date:2010 Oct 11
Comment id:78425

That is Eddie Murphy on the left

Date:2010 Oct 09
Comment id:77951

that guy is real i busted him stealing my car stereo!

Date:2010 Oct 09
Comment id:77879

whit a woman like him hehhe lol XD

Date:2010 Oct 09
Comment id:77729

Balanced way remains always the good way.

Date:2010 Oct 08
Comment id:77522

It is not fake. He is from Italia and his name is Barre Intano.

Date:2010 Oct 08
Comment id:77405

retards or not, fake or real, huge list of retarded&fake comments have lined up for this body , Is any one still making any funny comments. I am from a free country and would love to spread love ,not hate. And I am not in the USA .wish nobody insults for free. Pay for your least we could donate that to a just cause. Fake or not, the disproportionate bodybuilder is absolutely funny in failing to meet the standards of proportions.

Date:2010 Oct 05
Comment id:76148

steriods anyone

Date:2010 Oct 04
Comment id:75884


Date:2010 Oct 04
Comment id:75785

this is bullshit

Date:2010 Oct 04
Comment id:75773


Date:2010 Oct 03
Comment id:75593

how does that guy go to the bathroom??

Date:2010 Oct 03
Comment id:75500

u r so sexy

Date:2010 Oct 02
Comment id:75239


Date:2010 Oct 01
Comment id:74837

Wow you guys really are gullible. THIS IS PHOTOSHOPPED! NO-ONE HAS EVER BEEN THAT BIG!

Seriously? How gullible must you be to believe that is real?

Date:2010 Sep 30
Comment id:74435

the guy so so very big its fucking bullshit 100% bullshit

Date:2010 Sep 30
Comment id:74363

its really funny with little cock!!! hehehe how would be he manging

Date:2010 Sep 28
Comment id:74126


Date:2010 Sep 28
Comment id:74123

Really u r the champion man.

I m not talking about this huge asshole, i m talking about the designer who made u 8th wonder.

Date:2010 Sep 27
Comment id:73979


Date:2010 Sep 25
Comment id:73394

very big

Date:2010 Sep 24
Comment id:73088

If your going to use photoshop or another took, then learn the basics first....A beginning student can do better!

Date:2010 Sep 23
Comment id:72884

u think its true?
yeah ?

so fuck u.

Date:2010 Sep 23
Comment id:72881

fuck that shit
its fuckin crazy.
nice job photoshop out there.
its fucking fake

Date:2010 Sep 22
Comment id:72485

they must be good as at photoshop

Date:2010 Sep 22
Comment id:72386

how does he put on his man thong over those legs

Date:2010 Sep 21
Comment id:72236

If you think this is real you are a complete moron. This is called photoshop, and a little over the top also.

Date:2010 Sep 21
Comment id:72080


Date:2010 Sep 21
Comment id:71972

its FAKE 100% sure

Date:2010 Sep 20
Comment id:71609

And the winner is, the guy in the middle of the picture. The big guy has no symmetry, is out of proportion, and is simply not aesthetically pleasing.

And for those of you wondering about how he put on his underwear, the same way you put diapers on a baby!

Date:2010 Sep 19
Comment id:71357

what the that real.....holy shiiiiiiiiii

Date:2010 Sep 19
Comment id:71309

This is a edited picture.

Date:2010 Sep 18
Comment id:70946

as a bioligist we dont have such a thing in the human body just forget about it guys its a fake...

Date:2010 Sep 17
Comment id:70637


Date:2010 Sep 16
Comment id:70457

IF this wasn't fake, they should be in different categories anyway. But it's fake in the first place... so don't matter

Date:2010 Sep 16
Comment id:70319

Love is life forever.

Date:2010 Sep 16
Comment id:70316

it is not right i think. and if it is right. then Arnold is nothing before him.

Date:2010 Sep 14
Comment id:69461

the question was why his skin is taned and his face is black... well il tell ya its coz he takes too much steroids and his skin strechd when hes got fucken hudge musles...and hes impoten coz of the streoids for sure
or its a complete fake and im wrong

Date:2010 Sep 14
Comment id:69455

how did he put his underwear

Date:2010 Sep 14
Comment id:69398

heavy... too heavy

Date:2010 Sep 13
Comment id:69155

hah, how did he put on his little macho panties ? :P his thighs are too big..

Date:2010 Sep 12
Comment id:69032

i bet his penis is a vagina. hehe

Date:2010 Sep 11
Comment id:68951

Fucking Fake!

Date:2010 Sep 11
Comment id:68942

i like thi niga i realy do i wish i was half of him. keep on working out niga

Date:2010 Sep 10
Comment id:68648

Such a shame you cannot just discuss the image.

Date:2010 Sep 09
Comment id:68354

hello!!!!! roids? maybe??!

Date:2010 Sep 06
Comment id:67739

a faszt

Date:2010 Sep 06
Comment id:67535

i dont thing this is so real.i mean what kinds of machines did they use to build their body like this.i have been almost in all of the gym places but i have never seen machines that are capable of doing this.its just crazy

Date:2010 Sep 04
Comment id:67052

this is for 65300, fuck you and the hood. you cunts will never be on top. dumb cunt thats why your poor and stupid.

Date:2010 Sep 03
Comment id:66848

he is real man or only fake illustration??

Date:2010 Sep 02
Comment id:66650

of course its a fake..the human system cannot sustain that type of body..

Date:2010 Aug 30
Comment id:66359

it's normal. a man should look like that until age of 90

Date:2010 Aug 28
Comment id:66152

hahahhahah look at eddy murfpy his the smallest one and got the biggest dick out of all of them

Date:2010 Aug 28
Comment id:66149

what the fu*k some ones been watching to much hulk movies lol

Date:2010 Aug 26
Comment id:65612

Why all the fucking HATE!!!!!!!!!!!?? Nigger , Cracker Really? How about Rich vs. The poor?! And if u don't like my spelling don't fucking read it!!!!!!!!

Date:2010 Aug 25
Comment id:65594

you dont understand! its a black thing!! NO ETHICS!!! NO MORALS!!

Date:2010 Aug 25
Comment id:65426

carzy man

Date:2010 Aug 25
Comment id:65348

In short : ALL THE 3 ARE FAKE....

Date:2010 Aug 25
Comment id:65300

63692. Fuck you. You online trying to be hard come to the fucking hood and call a nigga a nigger and see won't you get that ass beat! People I swear that's why niggers are shiting on yall stupid ass bitches yea we on top now mutherfucker bet that..... I'll give you my address and I want you to pay me a visit and call me a nigger bet ya ass wont leave you pusssssssssssssssssssssssy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date:2010 Aug 23
Comment id:64709

he can't touch his pee pee

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64673

of course it's real. plenty of people in my gym are that steroided out

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64652

dude the guy on the right his head is sooo small, and are those his armpits, what the fuck??????? and dude he has boobs, saggy ass boobs...

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64616

big mucles tiny willy

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64511

fuck its fake

Date:2010 Aug 21
Comment id:64427

dude it's fake when does eddie murphy ont he left has an sixpac and too much muscles?

Date:2010 Aug 20
Comment id:63815

its not fake he must took alot steriods

Date:2010 Aug 20
Comment id:63719

That middle man has FOUR ARMS! Omg, this picture is CRAZY!!!

(Note sarcasm, please)

Date:2010 Aug 20
Comment id:63692

that guy fucking huge but a fucking fake. SHIT. dosent anyone know niggers cant get muscles. WHAT THE FUCK

Date:2010 Aug 20
Comment id:63641


Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63224

that guy on the right is FAKE

Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63188

The guy to the left side(my left)has a seriously out of proportions body, the middle guy looks normal and the guy to the right(my right) that even freaking possible?

Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63131


Date:2010 Aug 18
Comment id:63041

I bet he has a huge penis. look at the size of his body. Means he is HUUGE downstairs.

Date:2010 Aug 18
Comment id:62627

that person that was talking about people that do not know how to spell did not spell improper right

Date:2010 Aug 18
Comment id:62612

for the guy on the right my ? is why, it has has to cost quite a bit to substain, clothe, and feed muscles of that size-- besides it looks freakish

Date:2010 Aug 18
Comment id:62576

why do ppl still call african americans niggers like that is suppose to hurt there feelings!!! they have been called worse!!! but i do no one thing ppl wouldnt call them that in there faces!! u ppl are hilarious with these cyber muscles!!!

Date:2010 Aug 15
Comment id:61784

he ain't got nothing to have sex using-dickless freak

Date:2010 Aug 15
Comment id:61778

His Face is black but his skin tanned. FAKE!

Date:2010 Aug 15
Comment id:61763

I think that perhaps having been sidelined by comments and digressing into profanity, that the picture is actually proving the point of the title; and although impervious to pegorative comments relating to size, colour and creed; I personally find it apt and humorous. Thus it has achieved its aim. I like it- photshopped or not. A tongue in cheek attidute might be best to adopt when viewing such offererings people.

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61598

You realize this is photoshopped right? wtf is the point of posting a fake pic at all?

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61520

WTF... Nice try... trying to be proper and correct mistakes people make when typing or with words and spelling... the verbiage you were looking for is "IMPROPER", but this IS JUST A BLOG and response to say what you feel about the subject where "spelling and grammar" really do not matter. LOL .... As long as you get your point across. WWM (WHO's With ME). Signed.. Courteous

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61448

Another dumb nigger..duuu

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61445

@61400 - like you suggested, i started reading my fifth grade book and guess what i learned that you don't know how to spell either -- 'mispelling' is not correct spelling!

Date:2010 Aug 13
Comment id:61424

Somebody needs a bigger head... brain wouldn't hurt either.

Date:2010 Aug 13
Comment id:61400

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest!!! Whether it's real or it's fake, does not change the fact that a LOT of you "commentators" show your ignorance by mispelling words and inproper English. Forget about the at least got THAT word spelled right, so heads up all you talking can talk the talk, but you need to go back to fifth grade to learn how to SPELL!! Idiots. I don't know who's dumber.
People that are ignorant, or people who PLAY smart on tv and online.
Either way, to refrain from showing their ignorance, they need to maybe help their CHILD with their spelling. Who knows..THEY might learn a thing or two!

Date:2010 Aug 13
Comment id:61271

u stupid head

Date:2010 Aug 13
Comment id:61253

haha gud

Date:2010 Aug 13
Comment id:61250

Your mother is a bitch 57590. Another dumb CRACKER.

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60875


Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60866

I just wish I had abs like that

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60839

human's body has limitation, so this one is certainly FAKE.. nice try

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60827

what a god damn photoshoped fuckin ass photo's..this is damn suck !!

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60809

fake asshole

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60806

fake man.... even the photoshop work also not upto..

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:60803

Fucking stupid

Date:2010 Aug 11
Comment id:60620

Crazy, Cool, Conquer

Date:2010 Aug 11
Comment id:60596

sooooooooooooo bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggg what wronggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Date:2010 Aug 10
Comment id:60359

body magnified photoshopping, head left actual size. funny, u have to look at each head to tell who is negro and who is white boy. yes, i said negro. i like to make waves and instigate

Date:2010 Aug 09
Comment id:60224


Date:2010 Aug 09
Comment id:60221

obviously a bad photoshop job

Date:2010 Aug 09
Comment id:60206

Grosssssssssssss what ther F***

Date:2010 Aug 09
Comment id:60164

and the lightness is wrong

Date:2010 Aug 09
Comment id:60143

holy shit

Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:60086


Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:59903

Gosh almighty! What a very large man! It must have taken a long time and a diligent exercise regimen to develop such incredible muscles. He must be astonishingly strong. I wonder if he could be a candidate for the Guinness World Record? I'm going to sign up at the local gym tomorrow. :-)

Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:59900

cjhyntol or sintol

Date:2010 Aug 07
Comment id:59756

Fuck up u fake gay :/

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59573

ohhh yeah

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59558

that HGH plus roids 20.000 calories aday

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59402

he has no dick

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59399

7to8 feet tall and 450 to 600 pounds uh a fake

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59342

he has muscles on his muscle's muscles

Date:2010 Aug 06
Comment id:59336


Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59288

its not fake, its called steriods

Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59207

Hulk definitely!!!

Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59201

Photo-shopped... plain and simple...

Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59189

is that an iron man?

Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59183


Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59180


Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59171

eddie murphy on the left :/

Date:2010 Aug 04
Comment id:59144

Damn ass, why why? i promise ur gonna regret this. stupid

Date:2010 Aug 04
Comment id:59075

Amazing. is true human or ............

Date:2010 Aug 03
Comment id:58982

yo mama a nigger u honkey Bitch...

Date:2010 Aug 02
Comment id:58922

to fake and big

Date:2010 Aug 01
Comment id:58874

ewwwww fake yuck what is his first thoudht in the morning i am going to make my self look like a creep

Date:2010 Aug 01
Comment id:58781

how the heck did he wear his underwear?

Date:2010 Jul 31
Comment id:58631

pure fake..........

Date:2010 Jul 31
Comment id:58619


Date:2010 Jul 30
Comment id:58094

is it real man................

Date:2010 Jul 30
Comment id:57962

Fake and gay!

Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57926


Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57884

What a grundle.

Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57602

I hate assholes and to the idiot that said nigger suck one. If he wants to get internet fame this way fine let him stop babbling and do the same.

Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57599

I have tertiary syphilis.

Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57593

IT IS FAKE ...............

Date:2010 Jul 29
Comment id:57590

Another stupid nigger looking for attention

Date:2010 Jul 28
Comment id:57008

wow you're all retarded those of you who have to say it's fake just look at the guy on the left he has Eddie Murphy's head pasted on come on now and those who did think it was real should probably just do us all a favor and die

Date:2010 Jul 28
Comment id:56957


Date:2010 Jul 28
Comment id:56864

if u have noticed the one on the right has white hands and the rest is tonned = epic fail :L

Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56354

Photoshop... fake

Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56348

let the gas out

Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56345


Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56342

The Right-side Dude Masturbates His Ass With a 1000 pound dildo. That's Daily Bicep Routine.

Date:2010 Jul 26
Comment id:56264

They look pretty stupid.

Date:2010 Jul 26
Comment id:56009


Date:2010 Jul 26
Comment id:55925

I think he really needs to FART badly!!!!!!

Date:2010 Jul 25
Comment id:55895

I only have 2 questions, how does he wipe after #2 and how does he spank the monkey?

Date:2010 Jul 25
Comment id:55853

That don't make no damn sense

Date:2010 Jul 25
Comment id:55721


Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54458

Wow what did he take from pills ?

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54455

Guy on the right = epic fail

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54404

hahahahaha all these noobs commenting 'its fake its fake!'
Of course its fake you newbs

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54227

alright now stand back but stiil drop u''s

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:54134

dam where the hell have i come???

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53909

Fucking amateur phorofake who did this... nobody writes born yesterday asshole...

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53888

You are cursed

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53885

what the hell

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53882

the only thing funnier than the fakeness of this picture are the retards commenting on it.

Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53861


Date:2010 Jul 21
Comment id:53798

It is. He's wearing a muscle suit.

Date:2010 Jul 20
Comment id:53762

The guy on the left looks like Eddie Murphy.. LMAO

Date:2010 Jul 20
Comment id:53759

@Comment id:53321 "By the way, for the guy that made the comment that BB were a bunch of weak individuals with a brain malfunction - totally wring!" LMFAO FAIL!!!!!!!!

Date:2010 Jul 20
Comment id:53639

How can he even move?

Date:2010 Jul 19
Comment id:53612

Its real dumbshits thats my dad

Date:2010 Jul 19
Comment id:53504

Lol. Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Date:2010 Jul 19
Comment id:53483

This is what a free gym membership will do.

Date:2010 Jul 19
Comment id:53477

it is fucking fake..but why the stupid shitting guy up there condemning the religious personality.....and muslim god..absolutely you are going to hell motherfucker!

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53465


Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53453

fuk da ayrabz

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53447


Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53441

....and no dick. very sad.

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53429

why do you fuckin asshole limeys go and go FUCK YOU SELVES !!!

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53420

WTF......ITS ADAMN FAKE............OCHHHH.....I FEEL SORY ..........FOR HIS BOYFRENDS ASS............OCH.......LOL.=).

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53414

Somebody please get that air hose out of my arse!

Date:2010 Jul 18
Comment id:53405

what the hell

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53342

I'm pretty sure this is real or it wouldn't be on the internet.

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53330

piece of shit...all photoshop shit...motherfuckers should up these fakes up their asses....and fist their rectums with the faked muscles

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53321

First off, as an amaturer competitive and all natural bodybuilder that has been working out for 25 years, I can tell you that the pic is one hell of a fake! There would not even be a weight or class division for that guy. Looks like the cartoon character of the BB with the tiny head.
By the way, for the guy that made the comment that BB were a bunch of weak individuals with a brain malfunction - totally wring! Sounds like this guy has a serious case of penis envy.
I have been a natural BB for the 25 years I have been in it...I have taken 1st and overall in several competitions, but will not use steroids so I am knocked out of the pros. I also am a retired LtCol and aviator in the US Marine Corps and have a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.
So please, refrain from the stupid comments on a level of fitness you apparently know nothing about.

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53309

what an assshole, see his waist and his thighs theres a difference indetween , even a insane guy tell its all fake

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53306

hahaha, maybe the next hulk movie will him be hulk

Date:2010 Jul 17
Comment id:53300

scary dont mess with them ;]

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53237

Must be some stretchy shorts to get them around them big ass legs! lmao!! Do they make shirts and pants in that size or does he buy them custom?

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53234

3887--> LOL!

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53231

don't mind the jerk who said bodybuilding is healthy, it's not! Though a "true" fake. Bodybuilders are weak persons with a brain malfunction. Steroids are not good for you. And a bodybuilder without steroid is nothing but a person just working out. Like cycling, it's a dirty game, take medicine or lose big.

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53180

Obvious shoop is obvious.

Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53060


Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53051

madarchod kabhi to originality show karo,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53048


Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53045


Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53042


Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53039

Is the big fella going to blow up ? fake fake fake

Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53027

Perfect Fake. Look him, he is double than Ronnie Coleman. If its true, he must be the biggest man on earth. What do you guys say...If its steroids his veins could have burst with such pressure. Its just a funny pic..... Body building is very good for health... Dont Worry....

Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53024

hah........... What the hell is this??? Photoshoped Reallh...........

Date:2010 Jul 14
Comment id:53018

look at the hand color and then the arm color, look at the head color and then the neck color, damnit u.U.

Date:2010 Jul 14
Comment id:52988

OMG! why they do this? what they want whit this? Its disgusting!

Date:2010 Jul 13
Comment id:52862

I do not want to believe that the facts thanks

Date:2010 Jul 13
Comment id:52856

Clearly fake, but the middle dude looks like he's got 4 arms. Funny!

Date:2010 Jul 12
Comment id:52745

if you believed this was not photoshopped you are a fucking idiot

Date:2010 Jul 11
Comment id:52622


Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52502

amature photoshop bullshit ;D

Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52484

this is why we cant have nice things

Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52478

how does da blodclot wipe his backside

Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52367

its not real foto.. photoshop work...

Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52340

Is that BATISTA of WWF in the middle?? Even he looks like his head has been photo shopped on to some ones body. The only one that looks right is "Eddie Murphy."

Date:2010 Jul 09
Comment id:52316

like the jurasic shit behind it ...funny

Date:2010 Jul 08
Comment id:52304

is that true? He is so big yet his P is so small

Date:2010 Jul 08
Comment id:52301

if you guys knew who you all look, look like a HOT MESS

Date:2010 Jul 08
Comment id:52298


Date:2010 Jul 08
Comment id:52295

that shit looks nasty be for real

Date:2010 Jul 08
Comment id:52292

I would like to be there to see how he have sex with a woman

Date:2010 Jul 07
Comment id:52091

oh and have fun when you drop your keys trying to pickem off the floor, and when your muscle ruptures

Date:2010 Jul 07
Comment id:52088

physicaly impossible his skin would shreaded, and ripped

Date:2010 Jul 06
Comment id:51722

ooooo mother fucking

Date:2010 Jul 06
Comment id:51719

my god to sex this guys is difficulty

Date:2010 Jul 06
Comment id:51677

itz all bull shit look at hiz head and shoulder muscules he iz standin behind a poster!!!

Date:2010 Jul 06
Comment id:51674


Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51602

photoshop works gr8 they change the head of the big guy fake as hell make him a bigger head hahahahah

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51587

Are you all serious?? look at the hand color,then look at the poster on right then left. Photoshop, and a pathetic job of it.....

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51584

Anybody that knows anything about bodybuilding knows that's a hoax to make us look worse than we already do .... I got 4th at Nationals two years ago and been competeing since 92 and never have seen anything like that before ... give me a break -

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51578

i think its not truth

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51563

hey evrybody i like sraight edge no more....!!!!!!!
uno bies :D

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51560

hahahaha....mantap mantap siga si haji euy hidup haji orang garut ding :D

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51557

PhotoShop Magic

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51542

its all fake

Date:2010 Jul 05
Comment id:51524

cheap photoshoped .. lol

Date:2010 Jul 04
Comment id:51407


Date:2010 Jul 04
Comment id:51395

Date: 2010 Jul 02
Comment id: 50906

Its fake! Look at the other guys, they are much smaller meaning that they are in a different weight division and will not compete against guys that size. Plus, look at his right hip just above his speedo - photoshop gone wrong -The guy ho wrote this is smarter than you guys :-)

Date:2010 Jul 04
Comment id:51386

HULK !!! :D

Date:2010 Jul 04
Comment id:51368

That mutha f er eating cow and horses raw and taking animal steriods

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51344


Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51341

why are ppl behind the bigger ppl

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51338

This BIG m.f. don't want ANY pussy at all.He wants to GROW
AND GROW until he EXPLODES muscle matter everywhere.
DUMBELLS AND BARBELLS are his favorite types of bitches!

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51323

u are the most beautifull builder

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51320 his hands..

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51314

where are their dicks?

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51275

Yes, 51269,we got him !!

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51272

..from pulse to fingers have different color than body;face and hands are of one person. how did they do it ??

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51269

see how the Jurassic Park sign on the right is much bigger than the sign on the left. Yup, the pic has been cut and pasted and enlarged.

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51266

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yea babe

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51242

Its impossible to make such type of body

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51218

This is crap man.....This is genetic...i guess with combination of steroids....

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51119

Pls! No more jokes about me! i work realy hard for this. 8 hours training a day.

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51104

This looks shopped. I can tell by the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51095


Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51092


Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51062

i think its true!!!!!:)))

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51059

OOooo.... AArr.... eeeh.... BANG, Heart's gone! That's one very poor P.Shop attempt. JPG artefacts, colouration not merged. resize trim. It's fair to say that 'aint happening in this universe.... Ever!

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50939


Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50936

might not be fake, check this out

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50933

50906 is a might b fake but the reason given by him is might b a muscle more developed than d other side..

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50909

he is a fake he is not in the guinneus book of records
poo his a [sexsex]

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50906

Its fake! Look at the other guys, they are much smaller meaning that they are in a different weight division and will not compete against guys that size. Plus, look at his right hip just above his speedo - photoshop gone wrong

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50903

Simple, take one myostatin (gene that restricts muscle growth) deficient man, add x amount of steroids and you get that guy.

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:50888

that is a lot of shit

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50747

this is deffinatly got to be some fucked up generic deformation, or a science exsperiment gone wrong!!!!!! Think he could still fuck? he cant even wipe hes asS!!! (STINKY BITCH!!!!!)

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50744

what the fuck is happening

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50738


Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50735

i dont think steroids can blow you up this big.. its gotta be some new high tech form of genetic manipilation, or cutting edge growth hormones... you can only grow so big off of test or other common steroids!
this man really messed himself up! the only way his can be healthy if they somehow reprogramed his DNA sequence for his body to handle this type pf growth... otherwise he will eventually suffer from a bunch of shit!!!

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50732

Please do not try this at home

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50729


Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50726

I wish I could have anal sex with all of you guys commenting (I am a guy also who will "do" you anywhere).

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50720

That shit can stop bullets

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50717

Absolute crease the biggest guy has a darker face to his body you stupid either photoshoped or hes in a suit other guys are believable through

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50714

If hes real, hes will be dead sooner than later

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50711

this is whats happens when your girl rejects you DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU. (lol) p.s no joke

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50708

lol he'd weigh like 700 kg if that was real :D

and if steroids would make you so jacked then loads of people would be jacked - even a 180 lb man with a low bf is uncommon.

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50705

thos are some cool hulks

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50699

that just some computer work or drawing

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50696

Fake and Gay !

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50687

steroids give u big muscles but a tiny weny cock

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50684

You All Retards....All of u Here...each n every single one of you...Retards!!!

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50681


Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50678


Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50675

cant see his cock mus

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50669

it is imposiable to build such body

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50666

lol its not fake... its cuz of steroids.

Date:2010 Jul 01
Comment id:50663

Bilkul Nakli

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50459

He has been fucked by an afghan

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50456

never nobody can have so big muscles

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50453

very ugly

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50450

ha ha

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50444

sex w women? sex with anything truly ridicoulous if even real.. OMG funey and sad

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50441

oh!!!! here kitty,here kitty!!!!

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50435

thats all a lie no one can be that big

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50423

no thank you itsto much boys just stop it now ok.

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50411

now go put on a suit and get a real job... that is if you can dress yourself or find something besides a fat woman's sun dress that will fit you. :)

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50402

he is seriously a freak IF tht wsnt photoshoped nd i hope he's happy with the way he fucked up his body :)

Date:2010 Jun 30
Comment id:50390


Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50147

haha, the posters in the background suit the picture

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50117

Proof positive... the dude on the right has the InsaneoFlex :-)

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50099

of course its photo shopped.. u dnt have any muscles on your knees and still his knees are like 5 times bigger then the knees of his fellow bodybuilders.. i'm a powerlifter and quite muscular but my knees or other joints dont seem to expand as this guy's does...

This guy cant even whipe his own ass

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50078


Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50075

Someone his height wouldn't be able to get NEAR that much mass on his body. Totally photoshoped.

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50069

you guys are retards all of u bodybuilders

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50057


Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50054

yes, thats right. steroids + synthol injections = big puffy non normal freaks.

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50051

its called synthol you fucking idiots.

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50042

heavy... too heavy

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50036

fucking fake, u rascals don have any work motherfuckers

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50030

fucking fake motherfucker

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50024

shit that guy cant move he's like a tank.oh and his balls are smashed between his legs!!!

Date:2010 Jun 29
Comment id:50015

bull shit

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49895

Oh no but noyhing is impossible

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49865

what is this?this is your pat arms visual size?DO you arms, leg, posing mucsle and visual back .how to create change your life.

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49817

oh my god

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49808

Hahah the guy on the left looks like Turkey.
Yeah little bit much on the magnify tool their bud.

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49793

who is that on the left side?
is that eddie murfy?

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49787

I'm more worried about the one in the middle with 3 legs and 4 arms!

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49769


Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49763

His neck and deltoids are to small for his suposed size and his 6 pack is messd up to

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49757

Chuck Norris is better

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49754

That oversized body is as horrible as the spelling of some people here. What in blazes are "steriods"?

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49706


Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49646

to bad its fake i want a bodyguard XD

Date:2010 Jun 28
Comment id:49643

how he doing sex with woman

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49553

wow like eneybudy will beleve that and if u thook that meney stararods u wuld die so photshop da

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49535

What the Hall!!??!

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49529

looks like a line of action figures

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49517

wat a blag bullshit

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49487

but his penis is so small in comparison!!

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49481

simply photo-shopped...

Date:2010 Jun 27
Comment id:49463

Right most guy is Fake. Magic of photoshop

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49343

it is simply photoshopped. wanna proof.. simply save this image first and then have a closer look at his legs and thighs... they shod have been feathered clearly to make it look a realistic one.

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49340

its is simply photoshop work

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49334

its camera trick

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49325

Well, you know, commenters? Photoshop isn't supposed to be realistic, you dummies. And totally true on the Eddie Murphy thing. :D

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49313

oh my goddddddddddddddddddd...........

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49268

OMG what the hell!!! now that is just to stupid to be true. next time be realistic with photoshop

Date:2010 Jun 26
Comment id:49259

how did he put his underwear

Date:2010 Jun 25
Comment id:49169

Indeed a bad photoshop job. EDIT FAIL :D

Date:2010 Jun 25
Comment id:49166

Hmmm, I Think The Big Man Take lots of Steroid...

Date:2010 Jun 25
Comment id:49130

no way

Date:2010 Jun 01
Comment id:39782

OMG, I love Jurassic Park!!

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23831

the one on the right i thinking "prepare your anus"

Date:2010 Feb 03
Comment id:4184

obviously a bad photoshop job

Date:2010 Feb 01
Comment id:3887

Eddie Murphy on the left almost looks normal.

Date:2010 Feb 01
Comment id:3836

You got the one on the right.

Date:2010 Feb 01
Comment id:3815

steriods anyone

Date:2010 Jan 28
Comment id:2972

how does he have sex big inflatable man

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