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Date:2013 Nov 21
Comment id:770501

Thats what haens when you slee with her girlfriend.

Date:2013 Sep 26
Comment id:743216

That's one angry bitch. Her punnishment: 15 minutes in the cage with a female UFC fighter. BULLY BEATDOWN!!!

Date:2013 Feb 07
Comment id:607475


Date:2013 Feb 07
Comment id:607472

She is hot.

Date:2012 Dec 10
Comment id:534950

i`d fuck her to exaustion!!!

Date:2012 Jul 24
Comment id:494318

tapas Debnath

Date:2012 Jul 19
Comment id:492968


Date:2012 Jul 03
Comment id:489962


Date:2012 May 17
Comment id:479426


Date:2012 May 17
Comment id:479420

DATE 17 MAY 2012

Date:2012 May 14
Comment id:478316

she is almost as bad as Pepe!

Date:2012 Apr 29
Comment id:472388

Her lawyer claimed she was on prescription medication, and that is what possessed her to do this. She paid "experts" to demonstrate that the evidence clearly shows this. She never apologized to the league, or other players. i have to hand it to you. This is one of the most watched clips of women's soccer ever. Can we move on?

Date:2012 Mar 28
Comment id:458813

Very good

Date:2012 Feb 22
Comment id:448283

nice move!

Date:2012 Jan 19
Comment id:439886

Bitch is fucken pissed

Date:2012 Jan 03
Comment id:435260

She was eventually banned for a season or two. This was when she was playing in college.

Date:2011 Dec 25
Comment id:432893

just another bitch that needs to get some real beating...
f*ck her

Date:2011 Dec 23
Comment id:432146


Date:2011 Dec 23
Comment id:432143

عکس سینه

Date:2011 Dec 23
Comment id:432137

عکس پستون

Date:2011 Nov 29
Comment id:425702

I like how she drops 7 to her knees with the old one-two

Date:2011 Nov 16
Comment id:422873

Damn... She's hard

Date:2011 Oct 21
Comment id:413315

At least she's not a pussy like men soccer players.

Date:2011 Jul 28
Comment id:380966

Bitch should be in jail.

Date:2011 Jul 09
Comment id:377888

Men: Telling women to shut up and know their place since forever.

Date:2011 Jun 26
Comment id:375059

Women. Showing men how to play football since 1971.

Date:2011 Mar 30
Comment id:339110

I like how she drops 7 to her knees with the old one-two

Date:2011 Mar 03
Comment id:324884

I hope she breaks her leg.

Date:2010 Nov 26
Comment id:100322

she probably fucks like an animal

Date:2010 Jun 11
Comment id:43310

i'd tap all of that

Date:2010 May 25
Comment id:37817

ref: RED CARD! Her: WHAT THE F*** DID YOU SAY?!?! ref: I'm sorry!

Date:2010 Apr 29
Comment id:28367

this almost make it ok to watch football

Date:2010 Apr 13
Comment id:22724

that makes you proud? shes a bitch who needs to keep her issues off the field.

Date:2010 Feb 18
Comment id:6530

The reff must have been shitscared! :)

Date:2010 Feb 18
Comment id:6392

Applicable Uses of PMS: an autobiography by #15

Date:2010 Feb 15
Comment id:5912

woman in red: get the **** out my way u *ss*hol*
woman in white; oof ow oooh *crys* aahh oww ouch
red: lol
white: X_x

Date:2010 Feb 03
Comment id:4292

She plays for real. Get the F*ck outa her way.

Date:2010 Jan 31
Comment id:3449

UNM! UNM! UNM! UNM! UNM! UNM! UNM! thats how we do it woo!

Date:2010 Jan 16
Comment id:2474

holy shit, she's angry..

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