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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:881816

Such an imvepssire answer! You've beaten us all with that!

Date:2014 Mar 18
Comment id:834008

I have no doubt at all that this fucktard came from a home that supported Obama not once, but TWICE. Some people are incapable of learning from their mistakes and spend their lives with their hands out expecting free stuff. This is one of those fucktards.

Date:2011 Dec 05
Comment id:426488

Thats not his social, retard.

Date:2011 Sep 13
Comment id:398033

I like how we have his SSN now.

Date:2011 Sep 13
Comment id:397985

A guy i used to work with at metlife, derek weaver, did this once and was expelled!!


Date:2011 Mar 09
Comment id:327833

That's the ME generation!

Date:2011 Mar 08
Comment id:327689

Anyone could fabricate this.

Date:2010 Dec 08
Comment id:104765

Why do we want to see a Prof own a student? I feel like the student needs a smart-ass ,witty response to put the Prof in his place.

Date:2010 Oct 08
Comment id:77363

i like how on 20 he actually went with A but erased his answer

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54377

Epic teacher

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22433

F is the new A

Date:2010 Mar 10
Comment id:11675

what a fucktard

Date:2010 Feb 02
Comment id:4010

B is the new C

How much is five plus five?

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