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Date:2012 Sep 22
Comment id:511736

Welcome to Advanced Fisting.

Date:2012 Jan 29
Comment id:442517

Is he a new character in the X-Men Series ?!

Date:2010 Aug 17
Comment id:62228

Dear Asian man,
Your gene pool is too small

That is all ^^

Date:2010 Jun 22
Comment id:48287

the mutations have begun, hide!

Date:2010 Jun 22
Comment id:48182

I wonder if they're fully functional!?

Date:2010 Jun 11
Comment id:43415


Date:2010 May 08
Comment id:31853

lol @ 27710

Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27710

That's the guy that killed Inigo Montoya's father! Prepare to die!

Date:2010 Apr 09
Comment id:21725

now he can play two PSP's at the sametime

Date:2010 Mar 29
Comment id:17633

somehtings just not right

How much is five plus five?

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