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Date:2011 Oct 15
Comment id:410744

At least he got a solid G.

Date:2010 Nov 14
Comment id:93839

the teachers crazy. He asked him if he was {drazy} drew a boob and asked him if he sees him when clearly hes not there

Date:2010 Aug 23
Comment id:64883

loled at 26624

Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63470

who is drazy?

Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63467

lol to the guy under me

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26624

the teacher drew a boob

Date:2010 Mar 29
Comment id:17534

Fuck you asshole, you made me lose too -_-

Date:2010 Mar 10
Comment id:11732


How much is five plus five?

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