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Date:2010 Jul 10
Comment id:52574

awwww... dont worry man... i think fat guys are cute! way cuddlier than skinny or slimmer guys :D

Date:2010 Jul 03
Comment id:51233

this is the best thing i have had the pleasure to read on this entire site

Date:2010 May 14
Comment id:34181

its sad, cuz he was being a douche, and his dad actually cared about him..

Date:2010 Apr 02
Comment id:19157

Awww... that's touching.

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:15983

how lovely...are'nt some parents cool :)

Date:2010 Feb 22
Comment id:8516

Awww.. I hope he didn't sell it or start a new save file. I once names all the pokemon in my sapphire one after Godfather characters.

Date:2010 Feb 21
Comment id:7994

That's not sad it means her/his father was thinking of her/him. It's a good thing

Date:2010 Feb 20
Comment id:7259


Date:2010 Feb 15
Comment id:5966

so sad :(

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