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Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40847

i could take it...who cares about gay

Date:2010 May 27
Comment id:38402

someone somewhere was happy to take that tv off his hands.

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:21368

no thanks

Date:2010 Mar 30
Comment id:18080

that roomate gonna get raped

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15392

LCDs do experience burn-in. Had a bluray demo pause on us once, was left that way the entire day. By closing it was slightly burned in.

I have no trouble believing what 2 weeks could do with a still image.

Date:2010 Mar 22
Comment id:14909

except LCD TVs don't experience burn-in...

Date:2010 Mar 01
Comment id:10877


How much is five plus five?

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