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Date:2012 Jan 12
Comment id:438041

VVVVV BURN OUT DETECTED VVVVVV Hows living in your parents basement?

Date:2011 Sep 27
Comment id:403382

V V idiot detected V V

Date:2011 Apr 08
Comment id:343583

Fuck Kurt... hos singing sound like he had dried cum in his throat and his lyrics were that of a 5 year old. I am glad he pulled the trigger.

Date:2010 Nov 18
Comment id:96104

rip kurt

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:21146

AWWWW! Love Kurt. RIP buddy.

Date:2010 Feb 25
Comment id:9536

Thats so like the Aberdeen I remember, Kurt was from next door Hoquiam

Date:2010 Feb 22
Comment id:8570

Awwws RIP Kurt

How much is five plus five?

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