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Date:2013 Jan 08
Comment id:568967

you have to unscrew the top and base dickhead

Date:2012 Oct 01
Comment id:514910

You just pick it up, moron. There are no parts to unscrew.

Date:2011 Dec 30
Comment id:434021

but, by the time you unscrew all three parts, you've already been killed and your wife has been raped

Date:2011 May 19
Comment id:362795

Domestic knight gogo

Date:2011 Apr 21
Comment id:349457

I need to get one of these.

Date:2010 Jul 13
Comment id:52883

need it

Date:2010 Jul 02
Comment id:51110


Date:2010 Jun 17
Comment id:46595

where do i get one?

Date:2010 Jun 13
Comment id:44627

now thats graceful and handy

How much is five plus five?

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