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Date:2012 Jan 13
Comment id:438296

Anyone have a flame-thrower? Or a grenade?

Date:2011 May 06
Comment id:357905

these are the people working at taco bell,, fixing my food.

Date:2010 Aug 16
Comment id:61907

i think thats the reason why aliens doesn't come to earth

Date:2010 Aug 16
Comment id:61904

they should totally burn that fatso whos smiling like a mong

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44138

Worst mosh pit. EVER.

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42704

I don't know what I just watched, but I... don't... entirely... hate it.

Date:2010 May 27
Comment id:38156

That has to be the biggest gathering of the most disgusting people in the world...that dude in the stop t-shirt only drives it home

Date:2010 May 24
Comment id:37583

doesnt matter what show they're at, thats a huge bitch and will destroy lives.

Date:2010 May 14
Comment id:34103

I could be wrong but that might be an Insane Clown Posse concert, which explains everything. A Juggalo is about 3 Wiggers rolled into one, distilled Wiggerdom.

Date:2010 May 09
Comment id:31874

Massive fail whale

Date:2010 Apr 03
Comment id:19508

Actually, wigger is an offensive slang term used by any ethnic group to describe the stupid white boys that seem to think they're black gangsters.

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18344

Did`nt know balugas could walk or had tatoos

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18293

Wiger is slang for Caucasians. The white version of nigger.

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18089

whats a wiger?

Date:2010 Mar 30
Comment id:18026

lol fat people fail moshing

Date:2010 Feb 27
Comment id:10712


Date:2010 Feb 27
Comment id:10709


Date:2010 Feb 27
Comment id:10706

jesus wept

Date:2010 Feb 16
Comment id:6098

stupid ass wigers

Date:2010 Feb 04
Comment id:4871


Date:2010 Jan 29
Comment id:3158

what the...

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