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Date:2015 May 23
Comment id:1341254

I wonder how many will die in starvation or in war crimes to sustain a system who puts a life's worth of money on a teenager to get mutilated for a near minimum wage payment... ˘

Date:2012 Mar 09
Comment id:452954

they will never have a helmet that has a heads up display as they tried it before but it proves very distracting

Date:2011 Aug 09
Comment id:384476


Date:2011 Jul 06
Comment id:377345

Uh, actually, it's pretty damn close.

Date:2010 Sep 20
Comment id:71465

dumb fucks can't predict a future system.

Date:2010 Aug 22
Comment id:64661

Bad ass.

How much is five plus five?

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