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Date:2011 Jul 13
Comment id:378530

Todays big fail video.

Even funnier with sound, teach that guy to handle firearms for sure.

Date:2011 Jan 23
Comment id:245057

And the Darwin Award goes to... Dipshit with the paintball gun!!

Date:2010 Sep 21
Comment id:71861

At least he won't breed anymore.

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43805

dont need to feel bad for him

looks to me like he did it on purpose ..... stupid kiddo

Date:2010 May 14
Comment id:34115

Of course it's real, why would you need to fake that? There's a million young fellows out there just lining up to abuse their junks in front of an audience.

Date:2010 May 08
Comment id:31859

You are a dumb shit

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18161

If that was real, I feel REALLY bad for that dumbass.

How much is five plus five?

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