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Date:2011 May 14
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Date:2011 May 11
Comment id:359606

Oh, hey, let me steal this from another website and not give it any credit.

Date:2011 Feb 04
Comment id:256130

What makes this funny is some guy being a prick to some lady who didnt deserve it. I loled.

Date:2011 Jan 09
Comment id:131138

Whahaha! :D

Date:2010 Oct 07
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Date:2010 Sep 28
Comment id:74153

meh. some guy being a prick to a lady who didn't do anything to deserve it. unoriginal and stupid.

Date:2010 Jun 18
Comment id:46841

I thought this was funny, but this guy is from Australia. I don't like to laugh at humor written by criminals. Please add a warning at the top of the page that says "WARNING: Australia related content"

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42875

I probably would have actually investigated to see if he had pets. Especially as he kept saying he had pets.. Otherwise good-show and funny!

Date:2010 Jun 09
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Date:2010 May 28
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Date:2010 May 11
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Date: 2010 Mar 11 This is great....
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Date:2010 May 09
Comment id:32069

But... how did the dogs, the cats and the duck could stand that temperature?

Date:2010 May 05
Comment id:30833

that was good.

Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27839

hahahaha, funny dude!
i should have taken his course last semester!

Date:2010 Apr 26
Comment id:27503

Its not often that you find something that is truly funny and worth reading for that amount of time. Hilarious!

Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:14300

the holiest of all shits! wow that was funny!

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12428


Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12425

a hah, a hah, a hah (cough)

Date:2010 Mar 12
Comment id:11906

That was hilarious!

Date:2010 Mar 07
Comment id:11378

This is the same guy that tried to pay off his bank fine with a picture of a spider.

Date:2010 Mar 07
Comment id:11375


Date:2010 Mar 06
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Date:2010 Mar 06
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Date:2010 Mar 05
Comment id:11231


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