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Date:2012 Jan 10
Comment id:437243

hard, candy... you know what im talking about

Date:2011 Aug 19
Comment id:387941

eww braces

Date:2011 Jun 10
Comment id:369437


Date:2010 Nov 27
Comment id:100883

id tap that again and again

Date:2010 May 04
Comment id:30515

thats what the brown paper bag is for.

Date:2010 Apr 20
Comment id:24647

i'd definitely tap that

Date:2010 Apr 11
Comment id:22241

you still would though wouldnt you?

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:17147

id tap tat

Date:2010 Feb 12
Comment id:5672

hey Pa! i thinks sis got outta the barn agin!

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