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Date:2012 Jul 28
Comment id:495626

You're all fucking retards.

Date:2011 Apr 23
Comment id:350819

Her legs are smokin hot! They're not different sizes it's the angle (women obviously knocking these legs). You can knock pretty much anything else but not those sexy azz legs.

Date:2011 Apr 23
Comment id:350798

butter face.

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350552

TATs...hate them on chicks. Just think how beautiful they will look when she's 65 years old.

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350549

SEX is very important. Just think what would happen if nobody had sex for say...100 years?

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350480

Tatoo on her upper left arm is GROSS! Sorry ladies and guys, tatoos are a joke and a HUGE turnoff! Her toes pointing out and touching the ground is a dead giveaway she is trash. Face of a lizard. OMG!

Date:2011 Apr 22
Comment id:350414

The girlfriend is a definite keeper...

the one in the black dress is trouble.

Date:2011 Apr 20
Comment id:349004

Que Chulas Piernas Tiene Esta Muñeca!!

Date:2011 Apr 20
Comment id:348986

lmao, girlfriend is prettier. plus the girl needs to wear shoes her size. toes are not suppose to touch the ground. lots of woman do this iissshhh. don't be in denial, wear the right size shoe.

Date:2011 Apr 20
Comment id:348962

The SWAGG, they don't have...

Date:2011 Apr 17
Comment id:347591

The legs do look strange. One bigger than the other

Date:2011 Apr 16
Comment id:347249


Date:2011 Apr 15
Comment id:347120

If she doesn't want him looking she might ditch some of her frumpier attire and go a little more sexy herself (not quite to that point but at least a little more skin wouldn't kill her). The girlfriend is attractive but medium sleeve shirt and jeans versus short black dress is a no-brainer as far as the attention grabbing factor.

Date:2011 Apr 15
Comment id:347060

I got a verbal bitch-slap education from a girl I got left for that men want CONFIDENCE. I learned to let guys look and even to look with them, and EVERY ex since tried to come back saying they couldn't find another woman like me.

Date:2011 Apr 14
Comment id:346589

Anybody notice that her left leg is about half as thick as her right? Even if she does have her dress tucked into her panties, her legs don't match.

Date:2011 Apr 14
Comment id:346364

Thunder thighs

Date:2011 Apr 13
Comment id:346322

Yeah, the girlfriend is much cuter. The "Grass is always greener..." mentality is natural though.

Date:2011 Apr 13
Comment id:346175

dont look at that girls ass..i can never have an ass like that.....only i dream about her ass and smile....

Date:2011 Apr 13
Comment id:346079

the boyfriend has a boner.

Date:2011 Apr 12
Comment id:345647

the girlfriend is better looking then the black dress girl

Date:2011 Apr 11
Comment id:345416

I like the girlfriend's reaction. Sure, she's covering his eyes, but not only is she smiling, but she can't take her eyes off the girl either. She knows the allure of the girl's legs are irresistible, thus she intervenes. All in good fun, perhaps except for the perv with the sunglasses, lol.

Date:2011 Apr 11
Comment id:345125

whoever posted below, let me guess, your black or a wigger?

Date:2011 Apr 10
Comment id:344798


Date:2011 Apr 07
Comment id:343013

MMMM she is gorgoeus

Date:2011 Apr 06
Comment id:342470

he he nice capture..........

Date:2011 Apr 06
Comment id:342080

Damn, what is wrong with yah'll. The girl looks good, enough for the girlfriend to play cover her boyfriends eyes. She has nice legs. Don't be so mean!

Date:2011 Apr 05
Comment id:341957


Date:2011 Apr 03
Comment id:340967

Dress like a whore...expect this to happen...easy.

Date:2011 Apr 03
Comment id:340664

Haha looks like a transvestite!!

Date:2011 Apr 03
Comment id:340634

The guy has come in his pants. note wet spot.

Date:2011 Apr 02
Comment id:340223

I think she mist a spot shaving this morning

Date:2011 Mar 31
Comment id:339467

The girl in the black dress is a prostitute in Tallinn, Estonia. If you are a guy walking on your own and happen to walk past her, she will try to hook up with you. Friggin funny seeing her here.

Date:2011 Mar 29
Comment id:338534


Date:2011 Mar 29
Comment id:338438

Panties! We don't need no stinkin' panties!

Date:2011 Mar 29
Comment id:338390

no one can stop

Date:2011 Mar 29
Comment id:338348

Everybody is missing the point. The girl in front just took her backpack off her shoulder and her dress strap came down off her shoulder with the bag. She is in the act of fixing it back. Apparently that is what prompted the girl in back to cover the guys eyes, but it is all an act for fun...There is nothing to see, and she knows it.

Date:2011 Mar 29
Comment id:338234

Follow The Beaver

Date:2011 Mar 27
Comment id:337781

To whoever said its his gf it is not. I was there as I am the guy in front of them.....and they are related.

Date:2011 Mar 24
Comment id:336599

attention whore needs to make up for the fact she ain't got no boob and is ugly as fuck

Date:2011 Mar 13
Comment id:330557

Obviously he couldn't see her face or he wouldn't have bothered! GF's much better looking!

Date:2011 Mar 12
Comment id:329759

Nothing Intersted In This Picture............!

Date:2011 Mar 12
Comment id:329603

yes, well, they do things we don't like either. we have physical nature to blame for our radar. when we're with them and they're giving others looks and playing with their hair and shaking their ass it's not (always) innocent either.

Date:2011 Mar 11
Comment id:329024

When there is no bread at home why no settle for a cookie, can you blame men for wanting the things they don't get at home ??

Date:2011 Mar 06
Comment id:326399


Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325787

She is want my hands

Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325571

make me immortal,once more

Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325469

i don't think she is ugly. but i cant see your mind is twisted!!!

Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325418

exclucive for ugly face only

Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325310


Date:2011 Mar 03
Comment id:325106

sweet :D

Date:2011 Mar 03
Comment id:325064

jajaja... a mi me paso lo mismooo..

Date:2011 Feb 08
Comment id:257993

if see can wear why can't we see.

Date:2011 Feb 08
Comment id:257990

So apparently there's another view of this, and the chick in front has her skirt tucked into her thong.

Date:2011 Feb 05
Comment id:256724

what color is it

Date:2011 Feb 01
Comment id:254537

That's a beautiful Mercedes M734 bus but unfortunately can't really see the front tyre because of the blond whore. Crap!

Date:2011 Jan 31
Comment id:254033


Date:2011 Jan 30
Comment id:253751

@253172 - You clearly have some issues. Heaven for bid your partner has any thoughts or opinions of her own. If you just want a piece of meat to f88k go buy a cow.

Date:2011 Jan 28
Comment id:253415

haha i think thats the ice man from "Along Came Polly"

Date:2011 Jan 28
Comment id:253172

Guys: If your girl EVER does this to you, leave her ass. Shes insecure and jealous and it will only get worse. Even if she laughs while she's doing it and says she's joking...shes not. Dump her and get someone who is 1) less controlling 2) more mature and 3) less of a retard

Date:2011 Jan 28
Comment id:253166

I'd like to see his little redheaded hottie in that same dress! Redheads=Screamers

Date:2011 Jan 27
Comment id:252821

they ware these clothes , and then expect us not to look , good luck with that!

Date:2011 Jan 27
Comment id:252806

Evidently her dress has blown up and everyone can see her bare ass. Unfortunately that's the only thing that looks good on her!

Date:2011 Jan 26
Comment id:252350

the guy with his eyes covered looks pretty!

Date:2011 Jan 24
Comment id:251615

man hated when wemon do this

Date:2011 Jan 22
Comment id:235244

She can take me whole in

Date:2011 Jan 17
Comment id:191333

definitly spanking material

Date:2011 Jan 15
Comment id:179732

how can you homos even get to the face yet?-I'm still on the legs!

Date:2011 Jan 13
Comment id:162383


Date:2011 Jan 13
Comment id:161438

'Body off Baywatch face off of crime watch!!'

Date:2011 Jan 12
Comment id:150323

Id shag her for sure!!!!

Date:2011 Jan 11
Comment id:144989

why are you guys commenting on the color of her legs? they werent photoshopped. its called lighting. and this is from a tv show

Date:2011 Jan 10
Comment id:132536

She has huge toes!

Date:2011 Jan 09
Comment id:127958

I saw that "TAT" in Bikie Monthly recently

Date:2011 Jan 07
Comment id:117026

Holy FUCK!! That guy had the coolest jacket

Date:2011 Jan 05
Comment id:116201

is her dress tucked into her underwear, otherwise i don't think his gf would be so extreme

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115544

A classic BOBFOC (Body off Baywatch, Face of Crimewatch). That said, who looks at the mantle piece when they're poking the fire?

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115520

His gf is more attractive...

Date:2011 Jan 03
Comment id:115367

my wife does that like all the time!!!

Date:2010 Dec 27
Comment id:112868


Date:2010 Dec 02
Comment id:102281

if she takes her dress off and walks in her underwear then she has my attention

Date:2010 Nov 30
Comment id:101942

What a double standard, women will look at guys all they want (and talk about guys to their friends) but they don't want us to look at other scantily dressed women. Shut up and put the toilet seat down yourself! ;) dear.

Date:2010 Nov 30
Comment id:101810

sorry...she ain't that good looking. I think that's why she resorts to the "sluttiness."

Date:2010 Nov 30
Comment id:101798

Even a gay guy would look.

Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101744

This was on a video which had her purposely walk like that several times and multiple guys take a look. I forget what the show is called that does this.

Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101729


Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101714

It's not the legs bothering her. She just increased his life insurance and doesn't want him to see the car coming!

Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101702

shes just joking around with her boyfriend

Date:2010 Nov 28
Comment id:101417

Hey, Her underwear at least matches her socks!

Date:2010 Nov 28
Comment id:101414


Date:2010 Nov 06
Comment id:90668

Does the left leg look fatter than the right?

Date:2010 Oct 26
Comment id:84926

I agree with 24590 :/

Date:2010 Oct 13
Comment id:79394

sexy wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54182

le tapa los ojos asu novio pero ella si ve, entonces significa que le tiene envidia!!!

Date:2010 Jun 08
Comment id:41954


Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40763

check out the dude in the shades

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40748

No peaking, you'll ruin the surprise!! It's this prostitute I go you!!

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40739

Girlfriend is good natured about his temptations. Black dress is nothing more than a whore--an embarrassment to womanhood.

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40706

So, the girl gets to ogle but not the guy? lame

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40670

The Boy should look at the girl as she is with a good feel and look

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40643

she covers his eyes yet is staring at it and smiling

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40640

june 2 2010 but she likely has no personality

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40619

Kandy B is a dirty embezzler

Date:2010 Jun 01
Comment id:39875

Her legs are two dif colors....

Date:2010 May 30
Comment id:39083

Whip the dress up over her head and you're SET!

Date:2010 Apr 28
Comment id:28145

yeaa, I think the bf was checkin' out the legs....riight :))

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26762

his gl looks better

Date:2010 Apr 20
Comment id:24950

ugly as sin but nice legs..

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