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linux fanboy attacks bill gates animated

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Date:2011 Nov 10
Comment id:420629

apple secret agent

Date:2011 Apr 26
Comment id:353399

What a dick move. He has only donated millions and perhaps billions of dollars to others. I wonder if pie guy has donated as much??

Date:2010 Dec 07
Comment id:104339


Date:2010 Jun 07
Comment id:41570

This man has done nothing to anyone. We should totally violently hit him in the face.

Date:2010 Jun 04
Comment id:40700

doesnt matter how rich a nerd gets....he's still going to get picked on.

Date:2010 May 09
Comment id:31943

hum... mac?

Date:2010 May 04
Comment id:30551

Shit, what did Gate do?

Date:2010 May 04
Comment id:30269

epic pwned

How much is five plus five?

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