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one hour to live eternity

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Date:2014 Oct 24
Comment id:1069424

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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:881540

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Date:2012 Sep 21
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Date:2012 Sep 08
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Date:2012 Jun 28
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Date:2012 Jan 22
Comment id:440447

To think, I was counfsed a minute ago.

Date:2011 May 02
Comment id:356549

i dont get it

Date:2010 Nov 08
Comment id:91310

This looks shopped.I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

Date:2010 Jun 17
Comment id:46346

What a pack of arses you all are:(

Date:2010 May 22
Comment id:37088

I did one of these for the most awesome teacher I know about and during the last class of the semester he told us what changes he was going to make for the next semester and he was actually going to implement some of the ones I suggested.
And when I say he's awesome I mean so awesome that when he ended the last class everyone (including myself) started clapping and cheering for him.

Date:2010 May 18
Comment id:35429

i can haz cheezburger?

Date:2010 May 05
Comment id:30815

I just had to fill out one of those evaluations on the worst professor ever! lol! I honestly think the administration just shreds the documents as soon as they get them...they just tell us that they are "really important" to make us feel like our opinions matter! haha!

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30161

Eternity is not "Long". To be long it would have to have ends. Eternity has no beginning and no end. It would be better to say, " felt like a life time." Oh Crap, now it's not funny!

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30029

this is so fucking awesome

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30023

Successful troll is successful.

Date:2010 Apr 28
Comment id:28028


Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27941

Why don't people understand the way a blatant troll works?

Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27938

Totally shooooooooopppped!

Date:2010 Apr 26
Comment id:27584

what the lol

Date:2010 Apr 21
Comment id:25514

I think someone knocked this up on paint

Date:2010 Apr 13
Comment id:22661

You only have an hour left to live. Why the hell are you still reading these comments!?

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22550

whaat shadows are you talking about? I dont see any!!! STOP SAYING SHOPPED FOR EVERY FRICKING EPICLY COOL THING U FRIGGIN SEE!

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:21203

Epic Unicorn say it not shopped!

U hav 2 listen 2 the Unicorn.

Date:2010 Apr 07
Comment id:20675

One word....Epic!

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18593

I don't get it...

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18425

would be funny, except the guy who wrote this snagged that same comment from a survey at a school that actually posed the question "what would you do if you knew you only had an hour left to live?". therefore, this pic is lame.

Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17441


Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17291

shopped or not(and I doubt it is) the point is it
s funny!

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:17114

i'm gonna bounce up and down on my spring

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:16979

why do so many people comment on something so stupid?

Date:2010 Mar 27
Comment id:16952

every time you talk, i rape a chinese child

Date:2010 Mar 26
Comment id:16802

I think this is fake...looks to me like someone used a program to put that shit in there. You people and you fancy computers. And by you people I mean all the obama blacks out there...hes photoshoped too.

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:15878

is eternity really that long

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:15728

Omg why would anyone take the time to shop an anonymous class survey? They always have those at the end of a semester at university you idiots. I write snarky stuff every chance I get on those... not shopped you twats.

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:15713

are you guys really arguing whether this is real or not ? it's a piece of paper with witty writing on it. it's not THAT crazy.

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15566

did he die?

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15551

shopped shopped shopped fuck you you fucking idiots!! stop saying shopped on everything you see

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15497

Actually, it wasn't edited. It was probably either enlarged, sent from a cell phone with crappy resolution, or saved as a .JPG file on Paint. I know that when I change an image file on Paint from .BMP to .JPG, it gets pretty grainy. Even the answer bubbles under the answer have a grainy look, and why would the person bother messing with those? Besides, I would have the guts to submit this, so why wouldn't he/she?

Date:2010 Mar 22
Comment id:14705

Dood look at the shadows underneath the letters... obviously shopped... in my days i've seen many many shops...

Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:14543


Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:13985

#22 is fake

Date:2010 Mar 20
Comment id:13730

hehe ... its funny =) I like it... people need to chill =D thnks yoou for it, its cheered me up from a day of rain and cold =)

Date:2010 Mar 20
Comment id:13670

Y'all realize going on about whether it's shopped or not, is simply feeding the trolls on here, that have no life, but to start drama right? Who cares if it is or isn't. Laugh at it, or get over it and move on...

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13304

lol Man the comments are a million times funnier than the picture! All the trolls and trollbait-tards... Oh and one more thing?


Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13292

I went shopping was kinda cool. Bought some underwear. And some bananas. Oh yeah funny pic too.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13289

If I had an hour to life, I would take that class because it feels like an eternity.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13280

here's a thought: why bother taking a picture of a blank test question, go home and write a snarky answer on another piece of paper, pull the text off the white pixels of the background image, drop it into the test paper image, then free transform it to make it fit the box, then adjust the levels and/or contrast so it looks real........when you could just write the snarky answer lightly in pencil, snap the pic, and erase it? Jesus god, not everyone has the time to waste photoshopping things that can be done simply with an eraser, like all the people here crying "SHOPPED!!!!"

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13268

like eternity like...

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13247

13232 - but you did comment, therefore...

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13232

Was going to write a comment - but I have a life so won't bother!

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13229

without wanting to sound like a git. "Shopped" actually comes from PaintShop Pro edits back in the day .... NOT photoshop. (although photoshop is the "shoppers" tool of choice when Microsoft Paint fails to load.)

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13223

[self righteous comment goes here]

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13169

this is the worst shop job ever

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13148

I just love the guy (comment 12957) who thinks he's smarter than everyone else in the room because he understands the basic principles of image editing. Thank you for clarifying that shopped is short for "photoshop" I was so confused. Can you teach us how to use Microsoft Word next? It's so confusing. Also thank you for giving us a link to understand your cryptic vocabulary words. I'm glad to know what distinguish means. There's nothing funnier than a mediocre attempt at burning others when it's done by a dude who grossly overestimates his own intellectual capacity. Stick to blogging asshole! Also stick to information you actually know about. "Some sort of mental retardation" is just an asinine statement. You complain that others are misinformed when you are unaware that there is only diagnostic form of mental's called Mental Retardation.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13139


Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13064

Ha Ha who the hell cares if it's shopped it's funny. I wish I was that clever.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13061

why does it matter if it is shopped or not it's FUNNY....seriously...taking it this seriously? Maybe you guys should find something more constructive to do rather than criticizing random stumble step away from the pc and go out in the sunlight....unless you're a vampire then just move into a brighter dark corner in your cave or paint your coffin something pastel......seriously though chill out people lol cause otherwise you are strongly in danger of being moved into the loser section of the lunch table if you're not already there

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13058


Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13043

if this was shopped 911 was a special effect....
your all shoptards

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13037

dis iz liek so shoppd omg

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13031

totally not shopped, i would write and have written stuff like this on surveys for my school

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13028

people are complete idiots if they think that every single picture they see is suddenly photoshopped. Take a look at the picture, does the angle, and the handwriting look like it was shopped? I think not. It looks like a kid was being a smart ass ( a clever and hilarious smart ass might I add) and took a picture with his phone of hit witty little answer. Shut the fuck up. If you want to know what a photoshopped picture looks like. Google it. The end.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:12998

totally shooooooooped

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:12986


Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12962

wow, why can't you people just enjoy the freaking humor without having to say "IT'S SHOPPED' every FIVE FREAKING COMMENTS!! WOW we get the point!!!! And shopped or not it's still funny! Well, it was....Till stupid people went and ruined it lol

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12956

If you guys knew anything about photoshop or computers and cameras you can easily distinguish (sorry if that's too big of a word for you guys, here's a link to the definition that it's not photoshopped (I also believe that you guys are leaving the first part of the name out, probably due to some sort of mental stress of having to type more than two letters per word or some mental retardation, which it is I honestly do not know) How some of you even know how to operate a computer is beyond me. Funny stuff though

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12932

i love that people who say it is shopped write in text or just plain retarded funny love it

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12926

Does it really matter if it's shopped? It's funny, thats the purpose.

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12917

i think this is awfully funny(:

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12908

It's not a fucking shop. Very clever by the way.

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12887

its not shopped, i wrote that in my ceg 455 class at wright state, the first 6 weeks were just on turing machines or some shit it was unbearable

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12869

upon inspexshun of teh pixels I declare this shopped

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12851

ya def shopped

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12836

it's shopped. i can tell by examining the pixels and because i have seen a few shops in my time

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12833

its funny! y cnt ppl jus enjoy humour! shopped or not, its a laugh :D

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12815

did he die?

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12809

Simpsons shopped it

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12806

That is really funny.

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12791

nope, definitly shopped

Date:2010 Mar 16
Comment id:12503

guys, people saying that an image is "shopped" is an internet joke. They never actually mean it and they say it to get a reaction like all you people who haven't caught on give them.

How can you not realise this? i know its not shopped, you know, and they definitely know!

Date:2010 Mar 16
Comment id:12491

ololol shopped fer shur da pixls giv it awy dis iz so obvius get a life l00zr!!!111!!111!!1!111!!!!oneoneoneone

Date:2010 Mar 16
Comment id:12455

eff off all you Btards

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12407

It's totally shopped, because it makes as much sense to photoshop a paper with handwriting on it as it does for someone to write a long comment to say how bored they are with it. aHAHAHAHa. ha.

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12401

im the one who did it its not shopped email me

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12383

simpsons did it

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12338

oh, cool

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12317

Why would you even waste the time to inspect and see if its shopped? Either you like it or you didn't, I think it's fuckin hilarious

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12278


Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12257

Why would you photoshop it?! It would be easier to get one of those sheets and just write it! Bloody people just writing 'shopped'. Some stuff in this world is real!

Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12245

the idiots that say its shop omg get a life enjoy something for a change and please when you finally decide to kill yourselfs i wont say it was shopped ! Morons

Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12236

Definitely shopped. I can tell by the pixels.

Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12194

why you say it's faked?

Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12191


Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12188


Date:2010 Mar 14
Comment id:12185

love it!!

Date:2010 Mar 11
Comment id:11900


Date:2010 Mar 11
Comment id:11891


Date:2010 Mar 09
Comment id:11480

fuck yea

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