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permanent glasses tattoo

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Date:2014 Nov 18
Comment id:1130816

Terrible fucking idea. Just for your girlfriend or something? I wouldn't do that no matter how much i love her. That's not cute or romantic, it makes you look like a permanent hipster, not to mention that the tattoos up to your neck only make sit look like you have a heavily signed neck-brace already. Just wear matching glasses if you wanna be cute, you fuck-up. Geez, people, keep your bad ideas in the drawer.

Date:2011 Jan 27
Comment id:252797

LOL @ 29099

Date:2010 Jun 17
Comment id:46436

Damn hipsters... I can see it now.
"Mr. Jackson... we here at wal-mart only like to hire people we know can make good decisions and well... um... have a nice day, we won't be calling you"

Date:2010 Jun 16
Comment id:46247

life changing

Date:2010 Jun 03
Comment id:40247

What an asshole.

Date:2010 May 25
Comment id:37781

I'm pretty sure that's the guy who got paid to advertise for a sunglasses company with that tattoo

Date:2010 May 22
Comment id:37103

Good luck getting a job, asshole

Date:2010 May 12
Comment id:32873

Ummmmmmmm. That's not an ink pen, that's a plastic casing on a tattoo gun. Look at the far left, you can see the power cord to the motor.

Date:2010 Apr 30
Comment id:29099

That chick's next facebook status: "You won't believe what I got him to do this time!" And then she laughs herself to sleep that night.

Date:2010 Apr 27
Comment id:27848

you can see that the glasses are drawn on, not tattooed. Fake vampire blood was smeared on the area. May have been more believable if the INK PEN was not in the picture.

Date:2010 Apr 12
Comment id:22436


Date:2010 Apr 11
Comment id:22223

What if he eventually needed glasses? That would just look awkward.

Date:2010 Apr 03
Comment id:19478

Awww... you ought not to have done that.

Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17261

Each to their own, don't like it? Look somewhere else!

Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15089

What. A. Terrible. Idea.

Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:14078

she acts happy with it....

Date:2010 Mar 20
Comment id:13604

Tell me what "artist" would do this.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13328

looks like a raccoon now.

Date:2010 Mar 16
Comment id:12530

can you say obsession?

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12263

Even worse an idea than getting a tat on your neck.

Date:2010 Mar 15
Comment id:12260

All-time bad idea...

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