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snow coming off the rooftop

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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:881546

Never would have thunk I would find this so insdnpeisable.

Date:2012 May 21
Comment id:480428

I am so confused XD. I had to reaerd the whole comic today because I didn't even know who Yuen was xDThis whole time I thought that the flashbacks were what happened to meela because they had similar hairstyles.I must have been tired or something because I never noticed the names mentioned was not her's and really reading a panel a week can make you forget details like the journal.Though thanks to the comments and reaerding it I understand now XD>> I still feel bad for being confused.

Date:2011 Mar 01
Comment id:321020

Well, it's pretty cool looking regardless of whether it's shopped or not.

Date:2010 Dec 18
Comment id:109673

People who submit comments are douche bags. A crap, does that make me a douche bag? Discuss...

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:87953

everyone go search for scary its freakin terrifying

Date:2010 Nov 01
Comment id:87950

wow lotta comments on this one

Date:2010 Jul 23
Comment id:54575

i went to college in western mass, after snows in the winter they always put up signs around the tall old buildings "caution: snow slides" this shit does really happen. . .

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53222

I didn't read a single one of these comments. All I know is that I saw this and thought it was awesome. So there:P

Date:2010 May 31
Comment id:39557


Date:2010 May 29
Comment id:38915

the last snow clumps are at different angle and size so it could be plausible

Date:2010 May 25
Comment id:37868

It happens all the time, but usually only on really steep roofs and it has to be very warm. Something would need to instigate that shed. Like if someone was on the top of the roof and had cut it to rake it. So unless that was instigated, it is unlikely that it is real.

I had enough shed onto my car this winter to cause 3,500 worth of damage and my friends was totaled.

Date:2010 May 24
Comment id:37577

It's real. You can see the snow and ice on the ground on youtube. The picture is bad on here because it's been reduced to a smaller picture. Get a life.

Date:2010 May 20
Comment id:36515

definately pflugshaupt

Date:2010 May 20
Comment id:36353

Woah, it's amazing the amount of 10-year-old retards trolling the comments just claiming "it's shopped", lol

Date:2010 May 19
Comment id:35723

Sorry but your just completely wrong. I didn't know the cat sold it. Seriously though sand paper will rupture the post-cravical era of jeanus, and hopefully be continued on to the next level of the universe. I
can't believe the public knows now.

Date:2010 May 10
Comment id:32204

"I live in canada and yes i have seen stuff like this but it doesnt shoot out further and further from the building the longer it falls to all you ppl who say it isnt shopped coming from someone who does stuff like this all the time. it is."

actually, its perfectly reasonable that the snow moved farther away. The first chunks to fall had little horizontal velocity coming off the roof, and fell almost straight down. the last chunks had the entire roof to slide and build speed, launching them the farthest. just because you have "seen it" doesnt mean you know what youre talking about. in fact ide like to declare you a retard. pshh canadians...

Date:2010 May 08
Comment id:31826

Who gives a crap whether it was shopped or not, really? Does it even matter? Higher quality would be better, though.
I mean, you still like movies, and everything there is fake.
If someone claims this is real, just let him be, for the sake of the rest of us. Even though it might not be.

Date:2010 May 05
Comment id:30947

I'm an Adobe technician, and this meme gif was sent in to our Web 2.0 advisory team for our approval. I'm sorry to say, folks, but this has definitely been digitally manipulated. The pixels can't lie, and in this case, it's true. One user pointed out he or she could see "artifacts" and they are correct.

If you can't see it, try this experiment: Place your thumb in your mouth and remove. Unzip your pants a little and reach behind to your posterior. Shove thumb directly into rectum (don't be afraid to really jam it in there) and then look at the gif. The thumb will negate the ocular nerve's tendency to make shit up.

P.S. I grew up in Maine, lived in Canada, ice fished in Michigan, took sled dogs through Minnesota and even wrestled a polar bear in Siberia. Snow never does this naturally. If anything, God "shops" it.

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30227

If you look during the middle of the bigger snow fall its the same pieces over and over again. I live in canada and yes i have seen stuff like this but it doesnt shoot out further and further from the building the longer it falls to all you ppl who say it isnt shopped coming from someone who does stuff like this all the time. it is.

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30173

"God, to all you idiots who think this is shopped I ask you a question: Why the fuck else do you think they put those metal spikes on corrugated metal roofs if not to stop this? I lived in sun valley Idaho for 5 years and i almost got caught in one of these when I came out of my house one morning."
You Sad Faker,Snow in Sun Valley? Do you think we are ALL Morons??

The metal Spikes are shopped btw if you look you can see where the mask has failed.

So to sum up............ FAKE!!!
Also to the Liars who live in sun Valley where it snows!!


Dr Watson
Ps at least i have the balls to leave my name you pussy's.

Date:2010 Apr 26
Comment id:27518

Just get on youtube and look up: Massive Avalanche of Ice Off Roof, that proves it is real

Date:2010 Apr 26
Comment id:27497

God, to all you idiots who think this is shopped I ask you a question: Why the fuck else do you think they put those metal spikes on corrugated metal roofs if not to stop this? I lived in sun valley Idaho for 5 years and i almost got caught in one of these when I came out of my house one morning.

Date:2010 Apr 25
Comment id:27092

i wish a nigga was under that

Date:2010 Apr 24
Comment id:26951


Date:2010 Apr 24
Comment id:26843


Date:2010 Apr 24
Comment id:26831


Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26780

So obviously SHOPPED.I can also see from the scale its a Tamiya model 1/24 campus set if i am not mistaken all that's missing is a Campus Friends Set with a p125 scooter included.....
Dr Watson

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26504

Sigh, we can only feel pity for those clueless, humorless and cliche loving morons out there who still think that it's not only funny but original to say that something has been Photoshopped ad infinitum on every goddamn image/video/ANYTHING on the internet. Similar to the wankers who think saying "First!" is clever and funny. Jesus, it's like the oldest, most tired and fundamentally unfunny comment ever. Folk who still insist on using it are clearly so sad and pathetic to not be able to come up with a single original or personal thought. I feel sorry for those unimaginative losers.

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26414

We actually had problems with this in Denmark this winter... a big headache of the insurance companies, so it's totally possible

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26411

the people saying it's photoshopped apparently want to decide what they're seeing without actually knowing anything about it. if you pay attention to the physics involved, this is beyond a contrived image. plus, this actually real life...not just in imaginary computer land, wake the fudge up.

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26282

Actually, even for those in on the joke it stopped being funny about a year ago. The only people still posting 'shopped' on everything are the PC equivalent of the X-Box kiddies.

Date:2010 Apr 23
Comment id:26276

I dont know why someone would want to shop this, but they did.

Date:2010 Apr 22
Comment id:26186

saying 'shopped' is not being a bitch. it's just being funny. a one time it was clever to actually spot a picture as being shopped, now its been reduced to just being funny as it annoys others not in on the joke.

Date:2010 Apr 22
Comment id:25856

For all those arguing with the ones who say "shopped"....IT'S A MEME. you can tell by the pixels :)

Date:2010 Apr 22
Comment id:25781

This is not shopped, seriously some people really should have listened more in science classes ...

Date:2010 Apr 22
Comment id:25622

This is fucking awesome! Nice Shot! If you think that this is shopped you must be insecure with your camera.

Date:2010 Apr 21
Comment id:25505

I think someone knocked this up on paint

Date:2010 Apr 21
Comment id:25319

Lol, you guys need to ignore any and all comments that ever say "shopped." Just don't bother with that crap. Most of the time, it is real, but there is always an idiot who wants to start a fight. A poor, lonely soul that has nothing better to do than be a bitch.

Date:2010 Apr 21
Comment id:25154

"sid canberg first had this idea in the early DOS1.2 days. People often mistake this as RL." -Apr 17t

what the fuck

Date:2010 Apr 20
Comment id:24860

By professional shopper he probably meant Walmart

Date:2010 Apr 20
Comment id:24845

you can see it by looking at the pixel that this is shopped? it's a gif-image... this is because of the lack of colours. i've already seen things like that before - more than once.

anyway: cool shot, looks great

Date:2010 Apr 20
Comment id:24617

Come to Canada I'll show you snow and you'll learn the hard way this is definitely 110% true it is sooooo not shopped!!!

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24599

this isnt shopped are u joking? i live in wisconsin u see this kinda shit alot. just appreciate how cool it is

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24566

I as well am I professional shopper, and can clearly tell by looking the pixels that this is indeed a shop.

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24560

Seriously? You're listening, and responding to "this is a shop" trolls? Who the real idiot here?

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24542

this is Def. real...haven't you ever lived anywhere it snows?!? I have lived in Crested Butte, CO for decades and that snow shed has actually caused two deaths in the past 10 yrs........It gets WAY worse than this example as well!!!

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24539

holy crap how are you all so FUCKING retarded????
its clearly a shop...given that im a professional shopper i know a good shop when i see one and can quite definitively tell you guys that its a shop

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24524

With a metal roofing the snow doesnt have much to grip to and falls off all the time. Usually wont happen with a shingled roof

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24512

This is cool, and it can happen with icy snow and alot of sun.

Date:2010 Apr 19
Comment id:24260

Haha!! I love all the haters on here. If you've never lived in a state that gets a ton of snow in the winter, than you have no right to claim this image as being Photoshoped. First off, I live in Michigan and yes the snow here falls off of roofs just like the snow fell off of that building. Second off, get a life!!! Stop sitting here criticizing this persons video.

Date:2010 Apr 18
Comment id:24173

go to the YouTube link and watch it. it's not shopped. you all sound like a bunch of douche bags.

Date:2010 Apr 18
Comment id:24161

totally shopped. i don't believe this for a second.

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23819

sid canberg first had this idea in the early DOS1.2 days. People often mistake this as RL.

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23810

Morons who claim anything a bit out of the ordinary is shopped to try and make themselves interesting are funny.

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23801

You're all shitfaced. I was throwing some stuff on my friends roof the other day and it all came down, exactly like that, on top of me. If anyone knows, that can happen and it's probably NOT shopped, it's me.

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23777

this shit ain't shopped. it happens a lot. obviously people aren't around snow.

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23720

dude, guys, this is clearly shopped

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23714

What the hell is a troll

Date:2010 Apr 17
Comment id:23696

OMG how can you idiots not see this is a total shop. But I have to hand it to this artist. He's very creative. I've often seen snow on roofs and thought, "Man, that'd be cool if it all just cascaded down right now."

On a side note, it really amazes me to see how many people can navigate to something this obscure and still not know shit about common trolls.

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23669

wow people who think this is shopped are dumb! they obviously never been around snow! i see this happen all the time. Come to colorado in March and you will see it happen!

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23645

This same thing happened to my friend's house about a month ago...the snow on the edge just kept sagging until gravity took over...the rest of the roof just followed. Scared the crap out of me!

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23609

man i see this shit happen all the time...whats this shopped shit? it happens people..

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23561

lol. trolled

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23540

Take one heavy snowfall, add a slanted roof, heat to approx. 40F.....and watch the snow slide off your damn roof. This isn't shopped. It's nature. Step away from the computer and go the fuck outside.

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23522

What's funny is that most of the people who are saying it's NOT shopped don't realise they're being trolled, you fucking morons. Some of you clearly need to read some xkcd.

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23510

ppl who say shopped = dumbf**ks and think their hardcore PSers them selves. Soon they'll be walking around streets saying "Thats shopped!".

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23363

Seen this type of thing happen all the time. And all you flamera can go 'shop' yourselves.

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23354

its not shopped... maybe its fake, but i dont think someone is retarded enough to shop 100+pics by hand...

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23324

worst photoshop ever...I can tell as I have seen many shops....

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23321

o yeah the angles are wrong definitely shopped

Date:2010 Apr 15
Comment id:23318 can tell by the shadows

Date:2010 Apr 14
Comment id:23126

Photoshopped or not, what does it matter? Maybe their camera just sucks. My camera films with shitty pixelated quality like that. Hell, even if it was shopped, would that change how entertaining the image is? No. Fucking trolls need something better to do aside from post "shopped" in every damned comments section on the internet.

Date:2010 Apr 14
Comment id:23111


Date:2010 Apr 10
Comment id:21926

I'm the Batman!

Date:2010 Apr 09
Comment id:21806

The "pixels" are gif compression artifacts. If you don't want a huge gif file you'll have those artifacts. That said, I am the rogue photoshopper of this roof avalanche.

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:21386

Jeez, no one here knows what the "It is shopped, I can tell by the pixels" joke is.

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:20942


Date:2010 Apr 07
Comment id:20774


Date:2010 Apr 06
Comment id:20441

i can has cheezeburger?

Date:2010 Apr 06
Comment id:20399

oh wow. just look at this. this is clearly the work of a professional photoshopper. just look at the pixels of the sky. it's even made totally obvious. crappy work. but a thumbs up for effort

Date:2010 Apr 05
Comment id:20327

To all above

Get a life

Date:2010 Apr 04
Comment id:19853

its me

i am the one who filmed this

Date:2010 Apr 04
Comment id:19694

Not shopped, made by sound. Pretty much an avalanche off the roof.

Date:2010 Apr 04
Comment id:19688

This is real. Im the one who filmed it.

Date:2010 Apr 03
Comment id:19592

clearly photoshopped. if you look carefully you can see the pixels around the snow. i run into many of these in my day.

Date:2010 Apr 03
Comment id:19421

Date:2010 Apr 03
Comment id:19367

they're driven by a strange desire, unseen by the human eye

Date:2010 Apr 02
Comment id:19202

Why would anyone even bother to shop something like this?

Date:2010 Apr 02
Comment id:19064

this turned me on.

Date:2010 Apr 02
Comment id:19016

my mom shopped this

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18950

You idiots it's shopped... I'm serious balls man... I've seen many of this shoppins in my days.. Just gaze at those pixels... They is clearly shop pixels... fools

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18923

pics or it didn't happen.

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18920

I love the people who argue about how its not shopped when the people who said it was were VERY obviously joking/trolling.
Gullible fools.

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18830

This is clearly a shop. I've been around the block and have seen my fair share of shops. The proof is in the pixels.

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18812

No it's not "shopped". We had chunks of 18 inch snow slide down from the roof and awning. If it happens in the middle of the night it will scare the bejeezus out of you because it is so loud.

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18791

For those of us who live in temperate climates, we're all wondering WTF is this?

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18734

To the idiots who think this is shopped. First: The shadows of the snow bend around the building when the snow falls. Second: The dust is thicker in some places then it is in others, that's pretty hard to 'shop. Third: They would have to photoshop every frame, and why do that when you could go find a roof that actually does it?

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18674

Dem pixelz!

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18521

It is definatly not photoshopped. You guys are just mad because you didn't film this. This happend at my school

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18497

not sure what shopped is but this sort of thing is very prevalent in the heavy snow districts particularly with steel roofs.

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18482

Why must some idiot always call shopped?

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18473

this happened twice at my work. We have a big window at the front of our store and we can see the customers in their cars. One woman got nailed by a huge sheet of snow, luckily she wasn't hurt. But when a telephone repair man went around our building to fix our lines, he got hit by snow and an icicle! He was bleeding pretty bad too. This should be made into a PSA and have a warning at the end.

Date:2010 Mar 31
Comment id:18698

to 17978, or they just had a really bad video camara.

Date:2010 Mar 30
Comment id:18002

Never park your car near a thing like that. Happened at my house and was lucky to do no damage but could have if the roof was higher

Date:2010 Mar 30
Comment id:17978

clearly photoshopped. if you look carefully you can see the pixels around the snow. i run into many of these in my day.

Date:2010 Mar 29
Comment id:17492

I shopped your mom.

Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17174

Happens on my house, even. A much smaller version of this, but it will freaking wake you up in the middle of the night, that's for sure.

Date:2010 Mar 28
Comment id:17168

Shit. This used to happen at my old school, too. It's pretty cool to see IRL.

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:16139

Not shopped. Used to happen at my school all the time.

Date:2010 Mar 19
Comment id:13244

There a bitch!

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12881

never been around a steel roof in winter have ya?

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12839

first. and shopped

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