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rifle fail owned

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Date:2014 Feb 20
Comment id:818357

Is it chopstick?

Date:2010 Jun 25
Comment id:49151

dumb bitch

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12857

hahaha what a bad @12635

Date:2010 Mar 17
Comment id:12653

she cracked her fucking eye opened./

Date:2010 Mar 17
Comment id:12635

Haha, the dude in this is such a faggot wanna-be gun-nut. He doesn't know shit. My old man would have told her she wasn't holding it right (the stock is over her shoulder instead of against it) without even looking at her. What a moron. "oh oh, my daughter/sister/cousin is gonna be SO KEWL because she shoots guns!" Dumbass, bet he can't even shoot on his own.

How much is five plus five?

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