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fat cheerleader dancing

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Date:2012 Sep 25
Comment id:512780


Date:2012 Sep 25
Comment id:512777

yall a bunch of ass holes...

Date:2012 Sep 25
Comment id:512774

that is so mean at least she can move whicth im sure half of you cant

Date:2012 Apr 19
Comment id:469331

did the earth move for you?

Date:2011 Jan 07
Comment id:117023

ha ha lose weight ya fat bitch

Date:2010 Oct 17
Comment id:81134


Date:2010 Sep 23
Comment id:72851

gotta love her facial expression

Date:2010 Mar 22
Comment id:14885

^ Haiti

Date:2010 Mar 21
Comment id:14024

wonder what happened next

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