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tilt the screen back

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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:882023

What a pleasure to find someone who ideneifits the issues so clearly

Date:2013 Jul 24
Comment id:704507


Date:2013 Jul 24
Comment id:704489

Come on people, it's not 2000 anymore! We don't use polarized screens to get glare off this. And for those who could not read it ( I'm on an ipad so it's easier for me too read ) it says "your a beautiful person, I love you." We'll that wraps up my two cents, Gino out!

Date:2013 Apr 30
Comment id:655640


Date:2013 Apr 08
Comment id:643742

That was lame.

Date:2012 Apr 21
Comment id:469724

Not only does this make me happy, so do all the positive comments on this page!

Date:2012 Feb 03
Comment id:444005

i really need a life!i mean like 4real did i just look this up?and evey one of these r from 2010!!!WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date:2011 Jun 13
Comment id:370715

The stupid thing made my computer fuck up!! what the hell.. lol

Date:2011 May 16
Comment id:361484


Date:2011 Mar 22
Comment id:335054

thank you!

Date:2011 Feb 19
Comment id:262643

Kinda creeped out at the moment...

Date:2011 Jan 25
Comment id:251897

oh, i am sorry, i have a mac, and macs has great quality, this wouldn.t be possible to see :)

Date:2011 Jan 17
Comment id:193721

Thats so sweet.

Date:2010 Sep 17
Comment id:70661

Thats Fucking Retarded..........

Date:2010 Aug 08
Comment id:60047

If you can´t see it but really want to, save the image, open it in some graphic editor and set contrast to max.

Date:2010 Jul 26
Comment id:56195


Date:2010 Jul 26
Comment id:56192

i don't get it ?

Date:2010 Jun 25
Comment id:49112

I saw it without tilting the screen back.

Date:2010 Jun 17
Comment id:46361

Cute, though lately I've been seeing a lot of not immediately visible items in graphics like this.

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45050

aww yay!!

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45044


Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44129

Jessica, my roomie, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44126

Tilt your screen back, you really have to do that

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44048

i can't c anything!!! NO MATTER HOW HARD I LOOK

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44006

My baby man sent this to me. He's so cute :)

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43928


Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43916

loved this(:

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43823

It put a smile on my face

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:43004

that put such a huge smile on my face, sooo adorable!

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42920


Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42893

Made my crappy day a lot better! I thank you

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42887

oh and it says 'You're a beautiful person. I love you.'

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42872

soo stupid

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42869

I tilted my screen back, but its a CRT monitor and those are heavy and nothing happened except i lost my grip and now its broken. You owe me a new monitor, asshole!

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42836

wow i love that. finally something different

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42821

screen not polarized. it's not 2005. what does it say?

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42800

WOW! Absolutely beautiful.

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42797

what is it supposed to say??

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42794

nothing happened

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42791


Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42755


Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42749

I like it.

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42746

Dawww =]
That's adorable. ^^

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42740

nice surprise!

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42722

mine doesnt tilt XD

Date:2010 Jun 09
Comment id:42605

So my computer loves me for almost breaking my monitor. Great.

Date:2010 Jun 09
Comment id:42347

Why does this work for me? It shouldn't work for me. You don't know me.

Date:2010 Jun 07
Comment id:41555

Cute! But what's it for?

Date:2010 Jun 06
Comment id:41489

i see nothing....

Date:2010 May 27
Comment id:38171

youre a beutiful person i love you :D

Date:2010 May 13
Comment id:33971

I'm so scared right now

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23474

i dont see it

Date:2010 Apr 01
Comment id:18692

I know...

Date:2010 Mar 26
Comment id:16607

hm...a nice little gift, thanks whoever you are =D

Date:2010 Mar 26
Comment id:16601

Mine says "burn it all down." Is that what yours said?

Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16589

this sucks i hate you and you're all fags

Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16586


Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16583


Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16580

so wonderful. that really put me in a better mood :)

Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16577

that was a surprise. it made me happy! thank you for brightening my day

Date:2010 Mar 24
Comment id:15812

That was wonderful.

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