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y r and u are fucking letters

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Date:2014 Apr 23
Comment id:852908

People were expected to step up and confront any kind of threat

Date:2013 Nov 28
Comment id:773246

the grammar nazi's are guna start setting up homework dead camps

Date:2013 Jan 18
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Date:2012 Sep 04
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Date:2012 Jan 16
Comment id:439157

march 3 an feb it'

Date:2011 Dec 17
Comment id:430757

2 points... there are a lot of mistakes in that poster. Also, there are 8 classifications of intelligence with literacy being one of them. Most people only have strength in 3-4 of the 8 classifications. So, to assume that any one is an idiot based on literacy pretty fucking stupid.

Date:2011 Dec 14
Comment id:429623

@ Comment id 70589; Sorry Mr. 1901, i didnt realise expletives were unacceptable. They're obviously expressing rage, or are you a fucking Vulcan? This is obviously meant for dumbfucks, aka. people who use 'ghetto-speak'. The objective is to get the message across, not confuse the poor dumbasses even further about the mechanics of english. Kindly remove your overly-large head from your tight ass. :)

Date:2011 Dec 14
Comment id:429620

Comment id 61517; obviously because it is a well-known symbol that stands for 'and', not a single letter that shows a fucking lack of intelligence.

Whoever made this, i fucking love you. All caps rage FTW.

Date:2011 Jul 15
Comment id:378749

Thia is funny as hell

Date:2011 Jul 05
Comment id:377264

Y thou? bahahaha

Date:2011 Mar 04
Comment id:325751

This is great. LOL. It's funny how people make a huge deal out of it.

Date:2011 Mar 03
Comment id:325037

Look, if I need to spend more than 5 seconds per sentence just thinking about what the fuck are you trying to say, you are doing something wrong.
No, it doesn't matter that if I spend 300 hours reading your bullshit, I will finally get it. Posts in retardspeak don't count as arguments.
Example: 61517
Someone call Commander Comma to help me read this post. It is like one gargantuan abomination made of several siamese twins. With a precise scalpel of punctuation, one might manage to separate the horror into more manageable, yet just as mindless components.
I can easily read 2 things from a post like that: "Poster is a retard/troll" and/or "This post is either sarcastic or worthless".

Language is there to communicate. If your message is ciphered in retardese, don't expect people with IQ higher than the number of their fingers to treat you as equal.
It's not like you have to have PERFECT English. Acceptable is enough. Learn few basic rules (this pic has enough), punctuate your post, capitalize first letters... and that's it. No more people pointing out your Internet disability.
Yes, disability. It's like speech disorder coupled with a horrid accent, except you can't gesture on the Internet.

Date:2011 Feb 25
Comment id:276293

Language is a constantly evolving instrument whose only importance and function is the communication of thoughts, ideas, and feelings between individuals. If you manage this effectively, you have correctly utilized 'language'. If not, you haven't. While 'proper' use of well documented grammatical tools can aid in this end, they do not guarantee success. Also, there have developed alternatives for online use to aid in effective communication.

If you are a grammar Nazi, and you do communicate real time online, then I also believe that it is your responsibility to learn to type. I would much rather sit and wait for someone to hunt and peck short forms of words that are well known than wait forever for a response because they need to be grammatically correct and they haven't taken the time to learn to type with more than 3 fingers.

Also, emotes, and other online linguistics tools have been developed over the years to help people to more effectively display personality online. It is not my fault that you are not up to date on these. If you spent as much time learning how to communicate effectively with people online as you do whining about how people are communicating, there wouldn't be a problem. There are reasons and purposes for these things, and they make sense.

To make a long story short, if you don't type 100wpm or more and have a full and effective grasp of the English language and how to use it, shut up and get off my internets.

Date:2011 Feb 17
Comment id:261347

Oh how I loved reading this!

Date:2011 Feb 14
Comment id:260801


Date:2011 Feb 10
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Date:2011 Jan 31
Comment id:254153

just FYI, the use of "it's" and "its" in this graphic is NOT grammatically correct. wiki it.

Date:2011 Jan 09
Comment id:130865

OK all the PC pussys need to relax you're all fucking brainwashed

Date:2011 Jan 05
Comment id:116381

y u so srs? the interwebz is srs bsns

Date:2010 Nov 30
Comment id:101957

I'm disappointed he didn't cover question marks and the like. But other than that, I applaud you, sir. 8D

Date:2010 Nov 29
Comment id:101678

Other than the fact that you used zero periods (which I'm not sure you even needed) and forgetting to capitalize "i" near the end, I completely agree with you. I wouldn't have used as many curse words, but that just makes it even funnier.

Date:2010 Nov 11
Comment id:92585

okay, while i agree with your premise, i don't think you had to be an asshole about it

Date:2010 Nov 03
Comment id:89249

I agree 100% with the person who made this. I am a 20 year old man, not a 15 year old girl, therefore I will use proper grammatical structure, punctuation, and write like I spek the language fluently. And comment ID 88616, you're a tard; you put the word 'that' twice in a row, and you left the ' out of the word it's. I tutor 5th graders that write more efficiently than you.

Date:2010 Nov 02
Comment id:88616

Fuck sake... welcome to the 21st century... stop complaining you utter douche... what the hell went wrong in your life that this would upset you that much? Language changes and its for the better... we don't speak like we did 50 years ago, and we won't speak like we do now in another 50...

Language evolves because its easier and more efficient than previous versions, stop being so pretentious and thinking that that its YOUR language, you had nothing to do with its invention so why care?

Attention seeking idiot.

Date:2010 Oct 26
Comment id:84800

Why is there an apostrophe in "come's"? When did "comes" become a contraction?

Date:2010 Oct 12
Comment id:79022

I absolutely love the sheer number of people who look at this as though the author is trying to do anything other than get a laugh. One would think, looking at an article that swears more than Pulp Fiction, that people would realize it is a joke and not a true attempt to educate anyone.

Congrats, author, for successfully trolling dozens of people.

Date:2010 Sep 24
Comment id:73013

Only old people use double spaces for new sentences. I think you'll find most format correcting functions (including the comment box on this site) strip out double spaces. They are useless and take up extra space for no reason other than old people not wanting to change. Word processors use slightly increased spaces at the end of a line. Welcome to the world of tomorrow.

Date:2010 Sep 17
Comment id:70589

Now make an attempt to write it without the expletives and grammar damaging extra adjectives. "You fucking are" is an incorrect description of "you're" and also a poorly constructed sentence.

Expletives are frequently used where the writer lacks the sophistication and intelligence to fabricate a coherent sentence that gives equal impact and meaning without the juvenile extra adjectives. Which I believe is even more annoying to the reader than someone shortening their words to single letters. Instead of the writer being too lazy to assemble the complete word, this writer has wasted my time as I try to sift through the train wreck of a sentence he considers an improvement over those he despises, when in fact it is just as bad, if not worse.

Write in English instead of this juvenile ghetto-speak. This is a classic case of the cesspool calling the septic tank smelly. Oh, by the way, end punctuation requires two spaces following them before another sentence is to begin. Not only is your ability to compose a properly coherent sentence in question, but so are your typing skills.

Date:2010 Sep 08
Comment id:68060

It seems like you have a run-on sentence there.

Date:2010 Aug 30
Comment id:66356

At least he got the basic fundamentals right unlike some uneducated or unthinking lazy b@$t@rd$ out there...

Date:2010 Aug 19
Comment id:63179

"You're" Does not stand for "YOU FUCKING ARE" It stands for "You are"
"It's" Does not stand for "IT FUCKING IS" It stands for "It is"

Date:2010 Aug 14
Comment id:61517

in the beginning you talk about lazy fucks putting Y R and U but you used the god damn & symbol even after writing out why you and are so if your & symbol is acceptable why isn't modern culture Y R and U acceptable and I was wondering if you have problems with I O Us cause I O U a bunch of periods maybe ill use them in my next comment

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:61202

This describes my anger towards simple grammar mistakes perfectly. Thank you, my fellow Grammar Nazi.

Date:2010 Aug 12
Comment id:61142

there were a couple run-on sentences here too. plus a few sentences that didnt even end in periods.

Date:2010 Aug 05
Comment id:59222

"use him a sentence" I think you forgot something here. :)

Date:2010 Jul 30
Comment id:58160

Rhetorical questions require question marks too.

Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56516

You mean "Down's"
look it up

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54308

Then, is also a time reference, or, as a conditional, as in "Suck my cock, and THEN you can go and make me a sandwich"

Date:2010 Jun 20
Comment id:47564

Grammar Nazi FTW!

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45377


haha, otherwise, i thoroughly enjoyed this.

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:42971


Date:2010 May 30
Comment id:39317

I love it. I can't stand the errors that some people make. Ah, grammar Nazis. I wish I could join them, but then I'd be hated by... basically everyone else.

Date:2010 May 30
Comment id:39290

Double fail 32846..

"here come's an S" is supposed to be like that. He's proving a point! Do you not understand what quotation marks are for?

Date:2010 May 28
Comment id:38681

Date:2010 May 19
Comment id:35849


Date:2010 May 12
Comment id:32846

Fail. 32330, read it first. 'come's,' from ' come's an S...' isn't even a goddamn word. If the guy who wrote this would have put it in Word or anything similar, he'd have seen the error. Regardless, the intro to then and than is hilarious.

Date:2010 May 10
Comment id:32330

lmfao @ 22682

...there aren't any errors.

Date:2010 Apr 13
Comment id:22682

This would be brilliant if this asshole would apply the proper grammar usage that he is trying to preach. There are too many commas in some areas and the apostrophes are not completely correct....*sigh* Don't be a grammar nazi if you can't follow the grammar rules yourself.

Date:2010 Apr 10
Comment id:21986

this is brilliant... !

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