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extreme coffee serving in the air

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Date:2015 Nov 20
Comment id:1342133

Not fake, look for Bob Hoover in Youtube.

Date:2011 Nov 16
Comment id:422822


there is little in this world that doesn't give me a boner

Date:2011 Jul 27
Comment id:380708

I got a boner.

Date:2011 May 09
Comment id:358892

Like a Boss

Date:2010 Oct 22
Comment id:83270

centripetal force rules you!

Date:2010 Jul 22
Comment id:54422

I would explain how it's real, but I think I should save my breath/energy.

Date:2010 Jul 16
Comment id:53213

fake? really? even if it was, had me fooled:)

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44123

So fake.

How much is five plus five?

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