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this is going to be the best episode of cops ever comic

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Date:2012 Sep 05
Comment id:507344


Date:2011 May 02
Comment id:356540

i dont get it

Date:2010 Dec 08
Comment id:105065

Have done lots of acid back in the day and getting this whacked out is possible if you take enough. Back in high school a friend of mine took 15 hits at once and spent 6 hours straight on his roof drawing pictures of the devil. His parents got home found him on the roof and had him commited for 3 months at a mental hospital.

Date:2010 Oct 21
Comment id:83009

ive done acid, and i know that this is not what it does to people.. but why be so uptight about it? it's still a funny comic, accurate or not.

Date:2010 Sep 10
Comment id:68594

Clearly has never taken LSD or known anyone that has. Fuckin squares.

Date:2010 Jul 15
Comment id:53063

wow that was retarded. way to continue the stereotype of lsd

Date:2010 Jun 14
Comment id:45149

This stuff is funny. I know people that would have done things like that.

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44291

Thanks guy with source! Why don't people just say where they found things when they repost it? It's not hard and the creators deserve the credit!

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:44249

if you have never thought you were the chosen one on acid you dont know wut you are missing!

good comic! :::D

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43952

All of the butthurt comments make an already-funny comic even better. Apparently the majority of your readers are either upstanding paragons of morality, or experienced LSD users. Or both.

Date:2010 Jun 12
Comment id:43844

You don't even know how bad of a person this makes me think you are.

Date:2010 Jun 11
Comment id:43607

Reefer Madness!

Date:2010 Jun 11
Comment id:43481

you know nothing of drugs or their use, or of being a good person

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:43076

Apparently, someone's never tripped before.

Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:43061


Date:2010 Jun 10
Comment id:43022

OMG I laughed pretty hard ^^

Date:2010 Jun 09
Comment id:42302

this is from

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