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there are no limits there are plateaus but you must not stay there you must go beyond them

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Date:2011 Feb 21
Comment id:263648

#109355 The idea is to never be content, keep improving. Dumbass.

Date:2011 Feb 18
Comment id:262019


You probably jog you pussy motherfucker.

Date:2011 Jan 20
Comment id:222191

im to lazy to read this shit bro...

Date:2011 Jan 08
Comment id:121469

that's some inspirational words of wisdom right there.

Date:2011 Jan 08
Comment id:121124

What a load of pretentious bullshit

Date:2010 Dec 17
Comment id:109355

So if you always need to exceed your level, when are you content?

Date:2010 Nov 18
Comment id:95870

Are you serious? 5 miles is nothing. I run 5 miles with 50 year old guys all the time.

Date:2010 Jul 27
Comment id:56387

just a crazy ninja

Date:2010 Jul 24
Comment id:54851

real nigga right there man, bruce is the best

Date:2010 Jun 05
Comment id:41231

one of the wisest men to ever live

How much is five plus five?

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