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Date:2011 Dec 17
Comment id:430673

god ive beaten my record for dicks sucked today, 487. btw its chros

Date:2011 Jul 02
Comment id:376835

102110 I totally agree man!! I mean who the hell would bother signing an otherwise anon. thread? btw its chris

Date:2011 Jun 16
Comment id:371738

Fuck you 102110. Everyone cares and everyone loves me! I'm a motherfucking internet god! Who the fuck do you think you are?!

I also like sucking cock. Give me your cell and we can set up a time where I can suck your giant cock!


Date:2010 Dec 01
Comment id:102110

Drake. Do yourself one of two favors.

1: Stop signing your name, nobody cares. OR:
2: Permanently unplug your internet. And never, ever, ever plug it back in.

Date:2010 Aug 21
Comment id:64343

OUCH. Definitely looked painful.


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