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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:881702

This intmfoarion is off the hizool!

Date:2010 Jun 05
Comment id:41192

voldemord voldemord vovo vovoldemord voldemord

Date:2010 Jun 02
Comment id:40145

Ron Ron Ron weizzzzzly Ron Ron Ron weizzzzzzzzzzzzly DUMBLEDOOR

Date:2010 May 03
Comment id:30140

he misspelled friends.

Date:2010 Apr 14
Comment id:22997

poor ging, good thing he won't feel a thing (yep, they are soulless)

Date:2010 Apr 08
Comment id:20870

o.O He's not bad looking

Date:2010 Mar 25
Comment id:16562


Date:2010 Mar 23
Comment id:15068

gingers do have feelings, and they hawt!

Date:2010 Mar 18
Comment id:12938

Gingers don't have feelings.

Date:2010 Feb 02
Comment id:4091

ahwww :[
poor ging'.

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