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Date:2011 Mar 02
Comment id:324092

37448 - i don't know why, but i'm pretty sure it was your mum :)

Date:2010 May 23
Comment id:37448

My friend's little half brother has experienced this. He was like four when the police arrested my friend's mom (and whoever she was having sex with) for public indecency. He learned way too much about the world way too early, and what he learned was all the bad stuff first.

It will forever warp how he learns when the good stuff comes, and he will never quite learn the good stuff properly.

That bitch, my friends mom... I hate her.

Date:2010 May 02
Comment id:29414

thats gonna be one fucked up person when he grows up

Date:2010 Apr 18
Comment id:23945

fucked up hoe!!!

Date:2010 Apr 16
Comment id:23675

Nice one, bitch...

How much is five plus five?

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