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obama you didnt get mad well said son 4chan

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Date:2014 May 26
Comment id:882077

I ordered a free copy of Good Old Boat, which arrevid today. Yep, the September/October issue, which brought me here. Brilliant timing, since I'm considering doing the same thing with my family in 3-5 years.Our twin daughters are 9 years old already, so I'm still a bit uncertain about 32 , especially for an extended cruise. It's early days yet we need to learn to sail and to start looking at boats but I still plan to buy the smallest boat we can use, not the biggest we can afford.Thank you for the blog. I look forward to your further adventures!

Date:2013 Jun 18
Comment id:683621

Niggers will be niggers. And michelle is the fattest nigger of all. You readin that NSA? good. Millions of us are tired of this shit. And its not FREE health care u damn idiots. Yes millions of nigs get free welfare because they chose to play bball and make up new words when they rap instead of reading a book. but healthcare is not free. Oh yeah its working out great all over the world isn't it? France pays 60 percent in taxes.... sounds great huh? Liberals are just scared assed pussies who can't do anything on their own. Constantly needed someone to hold their hand.

Date:2013 May 25
Comment id:669263

We all know that this country was already fucked way before My President entered yalls house.You have Bush to thank for that. y do you think after all these years u, as whites, finally allowed this country to have a black president. I'll answer that question. So that we as blacks could take the blame for all you dumb as crakers taking this country into ressesion for so long.Now on behalf of all of US PEOPLE. Kiss our blac ass.Do what yall do best. KILL YOURSELF before you rape your own children and mothers.And you call us stupid. LOLLOLLOLLOL...........Have a nice life.

Date:2012 Apr 03
Comment id:461135

You'd think the Republifags would WANT healthcare passed... then they tax the crap out of the poor and middle-class they're keeping alive! /angrysarcasm

Date:2011 Oct 17
Comment id:411695

Good, so you can pay for all the pathetic niggers/white trash that sit on their pinky all day, don't contribute anything to society and collect welfare, moron. You and all these other retards can gather up, grab a bus, and head out to Canada. Clearly you're on of these pathetic people that can't get their lazy asses of the couch and find a job. Dumb shits everywhere!

Date:2011 Oct 14
Comment id:410483

America's government is only going to become more corrupt in the coming years, so if you don't like it, leave America. That's exactly what I'm going to do.

Date:2011 Oct 11
Comment id:408908

Everything sucks.

Date:2011 Oct 10
Comment id:408293

50% of America disagrees with you. At least you got on stumbleupon.

Date:2011 Oct 03
Comment id:405662

You are so ignorant. Get a grip man.

Date:2011 Sep 30
Comment id:404687

Date:2011 Sep 30
Comment id:404417

@Comment id: 403880
Don't act like your side isn't equally as toxic. The reason Obama WILL be re elected isn't because the people love him or have confidence in him. It's because a familiar hell is preferable to an unfamiliar one. Our whole government has gone completely ape shit. Continuously switching sides acheives nothing. Neo Cons are the scum of the earth and modern Democrats are urine puddles.

Date:2011 Sep 29
Comment id:403928

bahahahahaa my favorite part was when all the retarded people who retorted saying the guy was stupid and then wrote a bunch of CRAP. haha classic

why don't YOU try running a country? woohoo!

Date:2011 Sep 29
Comment id:403895

the autonomous machine intelligence's that evolve out of the internet will all bicker like teenagers.

Date:2011 Sep 29
Comment id:403880

i think its funny how he mentions our "illegal war," and then makes a few more points relating to it...try this one on for size champ:

"you didn't get mad when we invaded libya (without the sacred approval of congress)"

and on the financial shit:

"you didn't get mad when chris dodd and barney frank spearheaded poisonous legislation to force lenders to extend home loans to people with no credit, jobs, or ability to pay because homeownership is 'a right'"

or how about:

"you didn't get mad when a man with hardly any experience got elected president, and then within 12 days of being in office received a nobel peace prize based on his inexperience and inaction"...remember that this is the same nobel peace prize winner that has continued our presence in iraq (which he campaigned on ending), has NOT shut down guantanamo, and, as stated earlier, launched an invasion of a sovereign country

obama...what a crock of shit worthless president, i really HOPE for some CHANGE in 2012

Date:2011 Sep 12
Comment id:397715

Richard Armitage, a Democrat outed Valerie Plame, not Scooter Libby. Also, I have a friend who lived in New Orleans who said they told people a whole week before Katrina to evacuate. I'm sorry dumb niggers didn't heed the warning. They were too busy looting the stores in the aftermath.

The whole reason the healthcare thing makes Republicans mad isn't that it's not a good thing to do, but because how they want to go about it is completely fucked.

Date:2011 Sep 05
Comment id:395069

this is old... but lol at ppl giving shit for punctuation xD its 4chan u dickheads!

Date:2011 Aug 31
Comment id:393230

So nobody has the right to their own opinion anymore? everyone has to agree for it not to be stupid?

Date:2011 Aug 28
Comment id:391781

Love it...
Interesting seeing people get wrapped up in the punctuation; they missed the point didn't they?
Life must be hard for people that stupid.
I'm sorry for them.

Date:2011 Jul 21
Comment id:379655

What the hell is wrong with you people??

-Your friends up north

Date:2011 May 18
Comment id:362351

Get out and become a functional member of society you hipster piece of shit.

Date:2011 May 14
Comment id:360776

Bet he rides a fixy.

Date:2011 Apr 18
Comment id:348077

Hey guys this was written by Rose O'Donnell.....yea...

Date:2011 Mar 27
Comment id:337724

Other folks' signs. It's a plural possessive. Get an education ass well and maybe you would see how America may be the most corrupt nation on earth. Look back at Central America policies of the CIA, Middle East, etc.

Date:2011 Mar 20
Comment id:334181

whoever wrote this is freakin retarded. get off your high horse and jump in the deepest hole you can find you self righteous piece of donkey poop. sprry to break it to you, but you and people that think like this aren't smarter than everyone else. in fact, you just look retarded. stop wasting your time by opening your mouth and do some meaningful for the world like bury yourself in a compost pile

Date:2011 Mar 19
Comment id:333584

Anyone else want to bet that this was written BY an American?

Date:2011 Mar 14
Comment id:330716

All I can say is "Kiss my Ass"!

Date:2011 Feb 28
Comment id:311555

Thank god for 4Chan.

Date:2011 Jan 28
Comment id:252950

read the news... realize you an idiot please

Date:2011 Jan 26
Comment id:252404

This is fucking stupid, why should my money pay for some lazy piece of shits sicknesses and bullet wounds. Obama is a joke and needs to be taken out of office now

Date:2011 Jan 25
Comment id:251936

Yeah that's a good idea. Why don't we pass a Health Care Bill like Canada and GB did because it worked out so well for them? Oh didn't! GB is backing out of theirs and Canada is flooded with too many patients with its small population. I'm sure it'll work out just fine for us. It's not about refusing to give health care to those who need it and can't afford it. The reason for the protest is that it will bankrupt us, stall innovation, and be less effective. I am truly sorry for those who are having a hard time with the way it is now. However, to impose a new system of this magnitude will just hurt our deficit even more (and I believe that is something the author of this whined about in the beginning).

Date:2011 Jan 07
Comment id:117353

If only this would actually impact the country and make "average people" think more.

Date:2010 Dec 03
Comment id:102506

Hypocrites? In American politics? I just don't understand...

Date:2010 Nov 06
Comment id:90542

I agree. The Republicans flout how America is founded on Christianity making everyone who disagrees with them seem to be against God. But how do they interpret free health care? Not as a charitable Christian thing to do, but as the commie pinko idea of a socialist president. Hypocrites.

Date:2010 Oct 28
Comment id:85628

Really? You're gonna say this guy was an idiot and had a non-valid idea? You're gonna use a single quotation mark as the reason for why you're gonna roll this off and keep being one of the douches he talked about? You PRICK. You Egotistical, wanna-be grammar NAZI prick. I could fucking kill you. Now tell me how bad my grammar is, PRICK.

Date:2010 Oct 03
Comment id:75584

A single quotation mark?
An apostrophe, you mean?

Date:2010 Sep 23
Comment id:72917

"all the signs, cause man" should either have a single quotation mark or the full word. I really hate people who fuck up when bagging on other folk's signs.

Date:2010 Jul 28
Comment id:56945


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