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first the iphone was left in a bar twitter

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Date:2012 Mar 20
Comment id:456395

@102512: Then you had an iPhone after they fixed the ridiculous hardware issue involving the antenna (common ways of holding the phone blocked the antenna, which in turn made people lose reception EVERYWHERE). Reception has much more to do with what towers your provider uses than what kind of phone you have.

@419354: It was a parody account to begin with. Now he just tweets from beyond the grave.

Date:2011 Nov 06
Comment id:419354


Date:2010 Dec 03
Comment id:102512

As much as I hate everything else apple, this is full of crap. I had a Droid prior to my iPhone and I couldn't get reception anywhere- now I have an iPhone and I haven't yet found a single spot where I don't get reception. Nice try though.

Date:2010 Oct 22
Comment id:83573

fake fake is fake

How much is five plus five?

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